Stacking products and customs

Can you stack a custom sub with a regular subliminal product?

Of course you can. All subclub subs are designed to work together.

I think they are meant like that .
All SC subs compliment each other

@Magneto @rajeshwer thanks. I was just curious.

I need to start working out. I’ve always been self-conscience about my body fat especially around my belly and I always say I’ll get rid of it and never do. Exercising and looking better might not solve all my problems but I feel it would be a damn good start. Working out and losing weight has been on my mind to the point where getting to sleep is hard. Taking it as a sign from the sub.

Almost didn’t get up when my alarm went off at 5:30, but I did. I doing Focus T25 by Shaun T. Always enjoyed it but always sabotaged myself by stopping but not this time. Getting up early will take some getting use to but other than that I happy with my decision and also that I’m actually doing it.

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Great job! I need to take a lead out of your book, been slacking too much…

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Thanks man :+1:. How ever much you were slacking, I promise I was worse lol.

The work outs are hard but the real challenge is getting up. Alarm went off and I almost didn’t do it but I did. Really feeling it in my legs. Strangest thing is I started feeling it in the back of my shoulders over the weekend before I ever started my routine. I think its the physicality shifter.