Stacking Primal Seduction and True Social


I want to buy True Social to boost my social skills, so is it good to stack these two together and if yes, what is the best way to do it?

This is my first time to stack subliminals so I would be thankful for some tips.


True Social is part of the supercharger product line, it doesn’t work the same as the main product line. The superchargers are meant to be a sort of “state booster”. Meaning they will put you in the goal mentality of the subliminal.

You can absolutely use them both together. That said, putting them in a playlist together (stacking) would not work the same as doing the same thing with Primal Seduction and Daredevil (the main product line pure social subliminal). To use True Social with PS, simply listen to it once or twice before you expect to be in social situations


what @Baphomet said.

Also, buying True Social may be a good idea for another reason. Some of the supercharger products will be getting the Ultima treatment. It may happen for True Social. If it does, once that powerful upgrade comes, you’ll already own it.

I haven’t focused on the social subliminals at all, but I thought that Daredevil was the central Social title. Oh, I guess you’re also working on your dating and seduction; not just social skills.

Hmm…so, depending on your budget, it might be a good idea to stack Daredevil with Primal Seduction (I’m assuming you’ve already bought PS). Then you could use True Social as a state booster before you go out.


Are you saying that if I buy True Social today for $14.99, I will get True Social Ultima (if/when it comes out) as a free upgrade? Thus I would save $35. Is that true @SaintSovereign @Fire??

Yes it is.

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Thank you @Magneto. So strategically speaking, I could buy any supercharger that I think will be helpful and I think will be upgraded to Ultima and save $35 every time?

Pretty much.

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Any supercharger and any stack module, to be more precise :wink:

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Thanks @mnemosyne. Just bought True Social. Fingers crossed upgrade comes soon. :crossed_fingers:

Looking forward to TS-U :-).

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I already bought Libertine Ultima. I envision a stack of LU + TSU = Very fun times!!! :grin::grin:

I also bought a social subliminal - Daredevil, so let’s see. :smile:

Except those already upgraded to Ultima like Beyond Limitless, Rebirth etc

Libertine yes, but True Social hasn’t been upgraded yet.