Stacking Libertine with Primal Seduction most effectively


I’m just wondering what’s the best way to stack both of these most effectively:

Is the most effective way to let Primal Seduction (Ultrasonic) play in the background on speakers close by, while using headphones to listen to Libertine?


That is like having 2 different foreign language teachers in the same classroom teaching at the same time. Is it going to waste your time? I think so.

EDIT: Sorry, I just realised Libertine is a supercharger. Well, isn’t Libertine a fairly short track for meditation? Just listen with your full attention and once it’s over then listen to the ultrasonic tracks.


Is that the most effective though?

Here’s my train of thought:
If we can listen to them both at the same time (as one’s an Ultrasonic while the other’s a supercharger), we would be able to accumulate more hours and reach out goals faster.


All supercharges have subs in it. You’re not to listen to two subs at one time.


good to know, thanks!


I always listen to superchargers with headphones.


It’s safe to listen to the superchargers with headphones since we lowered the volume of the ultrasonic track SIGNIFICANTLY to compensate for the fact that people would use them.


So can I listen to a supercharger with headphones while an Ultrasonic is playing at the background?

How much faster would that help in reaching the goals of, in this case, Primal Seduction?


It wont help at all if you are not taking action and asking questions no-one can truly answers because there’s too many damned variables at hand.

Go out, and do a before and after.


I will. Just wanted to know if it’s safe to listen to a supercharger with headphones while an Ultrasonic is playing at the background.


No. The superchargers have ultrasonics embedded in them. You’ll mess it up if you listen to another.


Got it. Thanks!