Stacking Khan with other subs


I was inspired by Raphael to begin stacking different subs. My current stack is Khan Stage 2 with limitless. I am thinking since i begin adding more emphasis on dating i will throw primal i to mix. Would love to hear everyones thoughts.


I think when it comes to dating khan has to be one of the best options among all sub club sublimnals. I wouldn’t add primal I would just keep using khan. I think when you get to st3 and st4 you will find what your looking for. I’m curious to hear others thoughts on this


Thanks mate

Khan stage 4 worked well for me in the summer as i was approaching everyday. ST2 makes me feel masculine but no motivation to go oit and date.


Khan st3 is all action. If motivation is what your looking I think st3 will be perfect for you. In the sales page it says if you don’t take action you will constantly be reminded of your failure.


Hi Grimm Perhaps i will go back to ST4 will give some thought before i decide.


Khan is more than enough for dating


Stack ST3 with ST4.


@Michel that makes no sense st3 is in st4.


On the surface it doesn’t. But a stack of:

ST3 x 4
ST4 x 1

Will lean towards action taking.


Yo, Would you recommend stacking both of them as a general thing?

I am thinking that I go through Khan ST1 through 4 and stay at ST4.

So you saying this made me curious, would you still advise to add ST3
to the ST4 even though I would have gone through ST3?


If this is your first time with Sub Club, I’d generally recommend going through the stages one by one for 30 days.

However, if you do need an extra boost, revisiting previous stages is allowed, depends on the ratio of what you want.

For example, I’m at day 10 of ST3, yet some scary past bullshit came up, so I stacked ST3 with ST1 (ratio of 6:1).


Thats a nice strategy. I would like to read more feedback on this. What about stacking 3 stages 1:1


If it’s stages 2, 3 and 4 (1 each) it’s probably easier to use just ST4.

ST1 is way too important to be stacked.