Stacking Khan & Limitless


Hi guys,

I am thinking of trying out Khan and Limitless together. I really like the idea of Khan and I wonder if mixing it with limitless (due to an upcoming exam) in a stack would work. What do you think? I really like Khan so I don’t want to just get Limitless and focus on that solely, and would love to mix them together, maybe like

3xSt1, 3xSt2, 3xLimitless, 3xSt2, 3xSt2 (and later on St3 instead of 2). I will run it basically 24/7, maybe 2-3 hours rest each day. The exam happens in a month so I won’t have time for other things. I have prior experience with subs.

Would you say this is a good idea? Would I still get what I want out of Khan especially, with a bit of Limitless flavor to make the studies awesome?

Would it be better to move straight to St4 actually? I still want the other aspects of Khan too, but the learning is also a top priority for my exam and future.


You wouldn’t be the first person to add Limitless to Khan. I’ve considered the idea myself. But I don’t think anybody can tell you how well it would work for you, you would have to keep an eye on your Khan results and see if they get less or stay the same (or increase, who knows).

As for switching to ST4, keep in mind that’s ST2+3. So basically you’d be doing
3xST1, 1.5xST2, 1.5xST3, 3xLimitless, 1.5xST2, 1.5xST3, 1.5xST2, 1.5xST3.
I’m probably oversimplifying it, but still… Maybe a few too many changes all at once?


Thanks for your response.

Is it a bad idea to just do Khan St 4? Maybe along with St1 for a while to get the foundation right?


Saint can answer that better than I can. Keep in mind ST4 is pretty heavy. If you’re ready, it’ll work fine. If you’re not, results might actually slow down at first.

I wish I felt ready for ST4, but I’m still on 2 myself. Taking it slow. If you have a big exam you need to focus on, do you want your subconscious to have to focus on ST4 or do you want it to help you study instead?

Maybe switch to ST4 after the exam?


If I feel confident in my ability to steer it, and feel like I won’t have things that slow me down, should be okay right? :smiley: <3

I just feel like it’d be really dope. Also at the same time I have other goals that I feel Khan can help with better than Limitless.


You know yourself best, all we can do is offer you advice. If you feel strongly that you can handle it, you may be right.

Just keep a journal, either here or in private, so you can observe what changes.


Thanks! So in fact it could be cool.
Listen to St 1 for a while then jumping to st4?Long as I don’t notice headaches and such, should be cool. And keep a journal.

Would this be aligned with your advice? Thank you mate!


My advice is take it slow, but listen to your instincts. If they tell you it’s okay to switch, then you switch.

That’s the best I can do. I can’t give you a straight up yes/no.


Thank you man. Appreciate it.