Stacking Emperor and QL or QL and AM


Has anyone stacked Emperor and QL? I have decided to go with those 2 but since their both dense wanted to know if anyone run both for quite some time?

The reason being for this is il be taking online courses and putting my foot into the world of digital marketing. I chose Emperor to start after my 90 days of ascension PCC and regeneration are up because I want to go my own way and do something, I choose QL because I believe of obvious reasons that I want learn everything as much as I can when it comes to digital marketing and all its aspects.

Now I have thought about ascended mogul because while il be learning about DM, il also be working as a retail salesman for a cable and home services company to provide me with income for the time being. So my big question here would be this, should I go with a custom sub with cores of Emperor, AM, and QL? Or should I go with AM, QL because of the density? Or actually go with Emperor and QL meaning that those 2 will be two heavy subs. @SaintSovereign your advice?


I actually started with AM/mogul/QL. The. Stark came out so am currently on Stark/Mogul/QL.

For me, it’s not really a question of density, but more of how I felt running AM, Stark and Emperor. With both Stark and AM, I was friendlier and more approachable.

I’ve always been a loner and Emperor seemed to magnify that for me. With a wife and kids, running Emperor made it harder for me to keep a harmonious relationship with them.