Stacking Cores?


So I see lots of people mentioning stacking programs that are considered major/core programs. After crawling the shop and forums, I figured you choose 1 core program, and stack it with stacking modules (and superchargers in the morning and/or night). But I also found a reference stating that you can stack core programs, but never more than three. And how some programs work well together when stacked while other combinations don’t. I’m getting a bit confused here.

I get that the more you stack the longer it may take to see results, but I’d still appreciate a clear answer, if only because it’s so hard to choose between them. :wink:


I mean, you basically just explained it, lol. There’s no hard rules, and it’s mainly an intuitive process. You can stack major programs, but the more you stack, the longer it takes to see results – and those results will be much more diffused / less intense / less noticeable. I recommend starting with one program, then slowly adding more over time. Or, choosing one “main” program and having that dominate your stack, with the others serving as support.

For example, in my last stack, Emperor was the core program that had the most loops. Limitless and Ultimate Artist had equal playtime, but significantly less loops.