Stacking commander and B-limitless: do the results get diluted?[SOLVED]


Will the effects of beyond limitless weaken if I play commander after it.
Sub usage: QL+Ev4 during daytime everyday.
Cant rely on my experimental results as I feel I get fooled by this cycle of believing a certain outcome and recieving evidences regarding it. Usually its me automatically assuming it wont work and pinpointing evidences regarding it.


I don’t think the effects would be weakened since the goals of those two superchargers are not opposed to each other. Commander: Leadership and self-mastery. Beyond Limitless: Mental Flexibility and mental power. They are actually quite complementary.

But I still might take a break between them because I would not want my attention to tire and get maxed out. If you’re able to stay focused on them and to generate and feel the imagery that means it’s probably fine for you. I think once you get used to it, it should probably be fine. Maybe you can switch the order around from time to time to keep it fresh, or if you’re using BL to get prepped for an intensive study session (in that case, play it last).