Stacking Ascension, Mogul and Ascended Mogul

Just a random question here. I’m not interested in doing this but if one was to stack Ascension, Mogul and Ascended Mogul, what do you think the results would be?

stacking all of them together? you mean this?

Stacking all three.

I would rather run AM+LE every other day.

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After 2-4 months? Results’d be the same as running double loops of Ascended Mogul.

Earlier than 2-4 months? Maybe clearer, initial manifestations of Ascension and Mogul.

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On the one side yes on the other side couldn’t it go into recon in the early phase because of too much input of “the same”/overexposure?

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The same risk exists however even if you’re only playing 1 program (though to an admittedly lesser degree). No matter what is in your stack, you’ll still have to balance the magnitude, duration, and intensity of input.

We can take a rudimentary engineering-style perspective and say that reconciliation can occur at three possible phases: Input, Processing, and Output.

Input: Exposure to the stimulus. You listen too much (duration), you expose yourself to overly intense build methods or volume level (intensity),

Processing: You expose yourself to content that is simply too challenging from your current point of development. The ‘15-year-old in Graduate Level Physics Seminar’ situation.

Output: You take no actions related to what your mind is working to integrate.

Any of those three points can lead to recon. And, conversely, attending well to those three points and keeping them well-balanced and well-positioned will lead to beautiful integration and development.

But it’s still a learning process, so we each do our best and we all gradually gain more skill and discernment in working with these tools.

Practically speaking, there’s not much reason to play a stack of Ascension, Mogul, and Ascended Mogul, so I assume that @ksub’s question is more of an academic thought-experiment than anything else.


That’s exactly what it is. My current stack is Asc Mogul + EoG. I was just asking the question to start a theoretical conversation.


Theoretical questions sometimes help to prevent a failure.
Some subs are pretty similar and by stacking them (and if that overlap is your weak spot) you just might hit the recon-spot.

Let’s say you want alphaness and you take GLM, Emperor and Commander, it will send you into recon I would say because it is not balanced, it pushes your subconscious into a completely different direction and with too much intensity. Of course one could say “do it until your subconscious bends, just do it intense enough” but in my opinion it helps to be in balance, by that you also will enjoy your stack more and there will be no running away from it/changing the stack.

Take a sub that has a good amount of your character in it and add to it the spice that you want to improve to. And if no sub has “your character”, you can always choose Sanguine, Chosen, Rebirth, something from that corner.

But that was not directed to ksub, was more in general.
For @ksub if I was running Asc Mogul + EoG (and I don’t know how intense EoG hits), I think I would just either put Sanguine or Chosen in it to give it some positivity, some joy, some fun without distraction. Of course one could add Emperor or Emperor HoM or RICH but I think that will overdo it with the wealth topic.

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I thought of doing the same thing at one time until a quick experiment quickly proved to me that I don’t like stack ascension and mogul. It’s too heavy of a combo for me, and ascended mogul instantly turns me into a combative individual so I know I’d be miserable.

Exactly what I thought of for a future stack when I can handle AM better.

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