Stacking all stages of alchemist with daredevil and quantum limitless


I am stacking all subs into one. all stages. I want to experiment. Is it right? I experimented before with bundles but not stacking even though it looks a lil bit the same you just don’t speed and layer all sbs together in stacking. So i just want to stcak my subs together do you think is ok?
Byw i am a girl using daredevil i don’t want women flirting with me but i would like to be more social so thats why im using it lol. I am not bi or les so… but i don’t mind women flirting with me but the part that men will respect me… i hope they like me too lol


You can try it but I know they don’t think it’ll work because of how the subliminals are built. Your mind can only handle so much, and they are already pushing the technology to it’s limits. The subliminals are already excessive in that sense on layering, speed, etc. If you want results less is better. If you want to play all the stages then do so one after another and experiment. I keep a minimal stack my self for immediate and more focused results. Experiment and see what works for you.


I’ll be watching closely as I plan to stack QL and alchemist starting early next year. Not all stages at once though.


Definitely would recommend against it, way too much subliminal too soon. If you must, don’t stack all stages, just take stages 4 of Alchemist & QL, combined with DareDevil.