Stacking 3 titles

So I have been stacking at most two titles in a stack so far because whenever I try going for 3 I always end up forgetting which is for which day. So my qquestion is how do you guys track when you are running 3 titles in a stack. Is there an app or something?

Good old excel



That’s good but is there a smartphone friendly way? I have tried the goal tracker apps but they didn’t work for me.

Good old desktop or laptop computer :slight_smile:

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I mean you could use plain notes on a smartphone to just state the date and either listening or the rest

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If I don’t find any other way, I guess I will go with that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Maybe this could be a good project for those who are listening to Ultimate programmer X :wink:

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Haha let them know about this. :wink:

Just use Google Sheets and you can have access to that spreadsheet on your phone too.

Is that how you track your stack too @ksub?

From my computer :point_down:

zp sc

From my phone :point_down:


Analog baby. Pre-written for the month. This was for May when I did a triple stack. I originally planned on K3 solo so I had to redo it before the cycle started.


@Detective_L I used a Journaling app for over a year, its called Daylio.
It lets you create custom activities, you can create an activity per each title you run and choose an icon for it. Every listening day you click the activity corresponding to the sub you listen and its automatically added to that day, you can add extra details to the daily entries, like how long you listened to each sub.

You have weekly, monthly and yearly statistics you can check.


Heres a screen… imagine in the heart icon, you can replace the name for Heartsong or whatever other sub.

I used the mood count to track recon and find wich titles and/or listening strategies caused me more recon.
I used the Activity count, to check how much I listen to any particular sub over a period of time.

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That’s great. I will definitely try this.

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I started a new cycle today, so I guess Im downloading the app again.

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I plan my listening days out in a planner/agenda book.

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I will try this. Just one more question, do you manually write dates, days and such or is there some template for it?

So manually then?

Yes. Manually and offline. Plus I can write short journal notes & general plans in the planner/agenda book.

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