[STACKED] The journey of a thousand miles {MindsEye, StarkQ, AscMogQ, AlcQ, InnerCQ, PCCQ}


I’m back! Jumped on the bandwagon and threw the EQ test file into my stack. My current stack is as follows:

Alch st3 x2
Adm & comm

I will also begin regularly starting my days with The Commander supercharger. Note that my stack is US only. I have opted against using masked tracks for the time being (no particular reason for this, just decided to)

A little background:
Prior to switching to EQ I was running EmV4 in my stack. I had been running my old stack since December, with the exception of Alch st3 (started that this month, started running Alch in Dec). I am for all intents and purposes self-employed/starting my own business. I recently took a hiatus and am now trying to get my business going again. One of my concerns right now is that my city is basically under quarantine. Many businesses are shutting down and people are staying indoors. My business involves direct-to-consumer sales so that might get put on hold for 2-3 weeks. Aside from career goals, my personal relationships are going well. There are a few girls I’m talking to on a daily basis. Unfortunately because of the quarantine, most of them are unwilling to hang out right now - so just having light and playful conversations, casual flirting until things are more conducive to getting together.

What I’ve noticed after a day or two of running EQ in my stack:
I feel smoother talking to people. I’m funnier and care less about what people think of my humour and am more about having a good time.


Welcome to the chosen ones @Neurokinetic :wink:

I remember you from my first days here… but haven’t seen you on the forum for awhile

Intrigued to read how it will go for you! Keep us updated.


Overload imo but good luck


For the sake of having some form of relevant timestamp I’m going to be dividing my journal into weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t know what day I actually started running EQ. I meant to start it Sunday but with quarantine going on the days were all feeling pretty blurred together (still do). With that in mind

Week 1.2
With the quarantine it is difficult to take action toward many goals because going out is pretty frowned upon currently and both my personal and professional goals involve interacting with strangers.

Last night I had a dream. The details of the dream are fuzzy. I have never been great at dream recall. I may start a dream journal again to dive deeper. The fact that I remembered a dream at all is fairly auspicious all on its own. I smoke a lot of weed on and off. When I smoke I tend to dream far far less than I do without weed (this is quite common for most people), so the fact that a dream broke through at all is pretty fascinating to me. I am wondering @SaintSovereign and @Fire if there is any extra dream scripting that you’ve amped up in this version. In the dream I was building some sort of machine. In the beginning, I had all these extra parts which I thought would be beneficial. As the dream went on, I began to realize that many of the parts were superfluous and, in reality, a hindrance. It seems to me that the meaning of the dream is clear: that less is more. I often try to take on too much information before simply getting started. Trying to get “all the best pieces” for my projects before beginning.

This morning I woke up with energy. Like, A LOT of energy. I have passively seen this in other people’s journals (I am trying not to read the other journals that much as I do not want to let it influence my experience). I am unsure if this energy increase is because of the subs or if simply because I am restless from quarantine.


Week 1.3
MORE ENERGY! Somehow I didn’t take my usual nap yesterday afternoon, I was up until 2am video chatting with a girl AND YET I was still up at 7am FULL of energy today?? It’s almost annoying how much energy I have :stuck_out_tongue: My brain was still slightly fatigued when I woke up but my body was ready to go. It got to a point where I simply could not stay in bed any longer.

Yesterday I took action on writing a song. It was my first time getting into my studio in about a week. While I was working a bunch of stuff was just “clicking” and the sounds were all coming together. By far and away my most effective and productive time ever spent in a studio working on a song.

Edit: I also had some dreams last night, however I have zero recall. If this keeps up and becomes more pattern than coincidence that will really be something because, as previously mentioned, I NEVER have dreams when I smoke weed - and I was doing bong rips on video chat with that girl right up until bed.


Week 1.4
This morning was weird, it seemed like I was no longer aware of my surroundings. I literally couldn’t stop myself from bumping into things. The rest of the day was far less clumsy but it was an out of the norm experience to say the least.

Went out today and did groceries with a friend. The experience was light and fun, we had a good time. She was somewhat touchy/feely when we got back to her place but not sure if that means anything or if she’s like that. I left for the afternoon to go work on music at home but have tentative plans to go back her place later and possibly partake in intoxicants so we’ll see where the night goes.

Spent another 2-3 hours in the studio today and took my project a little further. Song is coming together and I’m learning a lot about different elements of sound design.

Energy levels are still up. I’m able to stay up the whole day without a nap. When I feel tired my body’s reaction is to get up and get moving


Week 1.5
Spent the day with no subs, with the exception of one loop of a The Commander. Was a pretty relaxed day. Woke up with a bunch on energy again, yet still had the mental fatigue.

More time in the studio today. Exported a 30 second demo and sent it to some friends. Got very positive feedback. Everyone agrees this is my best work so far.

Nothing else to report that I can think of


Week 2.1
Hard for me to give an update today. Without going into details, today is the anniversary of an emotional date. I had no subs on yesterday and today forgot to start my stack until mid afternoon today. I’m almost at the end of one loop as I write this. Because of my unwillingness to deal with today and not having to actually go out and do anything thanks to quarantine, I spent most of the day stoned and asleep.

Onward to tomorrow


Week 2.2
Heavy fatigue today. Was very tired and slept a lot. Managed to get a bit of a workout in.

I was talking to a girl I’ve been flirting with online for the last little while. She told me that even though she jokes with me she’s not looking for anything right now. The old me would’ve reacted fairly negatively to this before, probably feeling rejected and maybe even start trying convince that she’s wrong (ego). However this time I handled it differently. I paced her reality, communicated I understood, that I had no expectations, but had every intention on still moving forward the way we have been. She thanked me for understanding and we kept talking and flirting like nothing happened. I don’t know where “this” me came from but holy shit

There are a lot of personal realizations coming to me too as I have lots of time to think during the day now. I’m mentally preparing myself for the game I have to play once these weeks of isolation are over.


Week 2.3
Another day of heavy fatigue. Not sure what’s going on but I am sleeping a LOT. I had a meeting with a family member today who offered me a small part time position with a medical clinic they are opening soon. The work would be primarily administrative and would include other opportunities. I accepted and said that I would be glad to help with the project moving forward. The job itself won’t pay much and will be fairly mundane (mainly bookkeeping and inventory). One of the main reasons I’m mostly excited about this is that I’ll be working closely with someone that was previously hired at a different clinic whom I find irresistibly attractive. She is the spitting image of Madison Ivy.

After getting back from the meeting with the family member I mostly slept, ate, watched Netflix. Nothing overly exciting or productive.

On a side note, StarkQ was announced today. Pretty excited about that release. Not sure how or if I can fit it into my stack but that can bridge can be crossed when I get to it


week 2.4
I didn’t realize it’s been 4 days since my last journal entry. The last could of days have been focused primarily on music. In the last 3 days I’ve spent at least 12 hours in the studio. The song I’m writing is really coming together and I’m pretty stoked on it.

Today I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to learn. It started by picking up a book I’ve been meaning to read, then it just snowballed. I’ve been absorbing information all day from different sources on different skills which I seek to improve. There have been moments of daze and lack of concentration but there has also been a more dedicated focus than before.

Today is an off day in that I’m not listening to any subs. I did listen to one loop of The Commander because I want to keep that was part of my morning routine.

Also I added Aegis Initiative to my stack. I run it twice at the end of my loop when I go to sleep so it’s the last thing that plays when the playlist stops while I’m sleeping and until I start listening to my normal list however many hours later the next day.

If StarkQ releases today I will likely replace both PS and Emperor from my stack as it contains both and then some, which actually greatly helps my solve a problem I was about to run into in my stack development.


I ordered Chinese food over a week ago. The place threw in a BUNCH of extra fortune cookies. I’ve been snacking on them here and there. Today I ate the last one. As a follow up to my last post, today has been about obsessively learning. It’s almost too synchronous that I should get this piece of paper in a random cookie


Week 3.1
Started StarkQ last night. Played 2 loops before bed. It also played in my stack all day today. I definitely felt more inclined to practice my social skills. Ideas for creating organic social media growth were pouring out of me earlier. I played Cards Against Humanity with 3 girls online be evening, one is them a girl I’ve been regularly talking to/flirting with since before quarantine and during. The night went really well, conversations were smooth and I felt I made good rapport despite it being only a discord chat.

New stack is as follows:
StarkQ x2
EmperorQ x2
Alchemist st3 x2
Admiral & Commander

+2 loops of Aegis Initiative in the last stack before bed

I’ll be switching to Alchemist st4 on the 1st


Week 3.2
Getting more amped about doing things which improve my life. Either cleaning or reading or whatever other task I can find. Ideas are flowing though my mind like water. I had a zoom meeting with a group of mostly strangers and I think it went well. Developed a good amount of rapport with the group. Working out more, noticing improvements. My abs are starting to come through. I’ve decided to ween myself of carbs and slowly go keto to shed fat


Week 3.3
I’ve been doing an online music production course for the last few days. The goal of the course is to write 3 songs in 30 days. Instead of writing in my usual genre I decided to step out of my comfort zone for the first song. After plugging away and making a 50ish second loop I uploaded it to the class for feedback. Someone commented that it reminded them of the Power Rangers or Dragonball Z theme. With that in mind I “made up” a fake show called Kawaii Kitten Robots then started writing my song around that theme. It’s definitely coming together.

The creativity does. not. stop.

I’m exercising more. Cutting carbs is getting easier. Slowly finding more alternatives to breads, rice, and pasta. Feeling great about myself.

Switched to Alchemy st4 today


Week 4.1
Something odd to report. So I stepped on the scale for the first time since around the Christmas holidays. At that time I was hovering around my goal weight (145 lbs). A few days ago I step on the scale and I’m sitting at just over 160. This came as little surprise as I have been eating poorly for the last little while. Despite the fact that I’m 15-20 pounds heavier, it doesn’t show at all. In fact, the definition of my abs is near the best it’s ever been (of not the very best). Some of the definition might be due to the ab workouts I’ve been doing but I’ve done more targeted and more strenuous workouts before that never gave me as much definition.

My song that I’ve been working on is just about done. A few more days of work to polish it off. The next one will be more fun, going to go back to my regular style and experiment with more sound design aspects.

Today was a really nice day so I spent the afternoon cleaning my backyard. This is something I typically never do. I’m usually strongly opposed to yard work. It felt really good to get a lot of it cleaned. Still have roughly a third of it left to go but that is definitely getting done at the next possible moment.


Week 4.2
I guess it’s time for an update. I have been pretty busy the last few days working on music. The online course I’m doing is very intensive. I knew making a song in 10 days would be tough but it’s really pushing my skill level. To be perfectly honest I’d never totally finished a song before starting this course. I did “finish” one song once but I didn’t mix/master it properly and it was a movie/remix so it was easy to cut and paste things into sections. Friday night I finished my first song start to finish and it was a great feeling. I know there’s a few other music producers on the forum so you all will know the feeling of getting through your first song. It wasn’t anything great but was a milestone to have gotten through it all. These next 10 days where we’re making another song is also pushing me. The assignment is to make a song using only sounds we record ourselves in our house. It has been an enlightening, revealing, daunting, and wondrous undertaking - sometimes all at once.

I’m talking to 3 different girls right now, they all seem pretty interested/flirty but I’m trying to be more playful instead of escalating too much over chat. It seems like a way better idea to just keep things light and fun for now until plans can be made to get together (which I future pace lightly in our conversations).

Because I’m doing so much creative work I decided I’m going to listen to Beyond Limitless now before production settings. I listened to it earlier and felt “sharper” but didn’t end up going into the studio. Going to listen now after this post and go at it.


Week 5.1
Has it really been a month? Interesting. Doesn’t feel that long but time is mostly meaningless right now anyway. I got a call this morning about a possible work opportunity. Sent out my resume which got forwarded to an HR department, we’ll see how that goes. My sleep schedule is getting to become very erratic. I’m trying to schedule regular things during the day so as to avoid napping unnecessarily. The assignment for the song I’m working on is really tough, it’s been pushing me to work far far outside of my comfort zone. It’s coming together but I want to put a lot more work into it before it’s due on Sunday night.

Got a random face time call from a girl I slept with awhile ago. We had a pretty good chat and flirted a lot. It’s hard to gauge where my romantic relationships are at this point since no one is meeting up. Am contemplating cleaning up my place and taking some pictures then setting up a few dating app profiles.

That’s it for now really. Will report more from the limbo in a few days, or if something really interesting happens :slight_smile:


Week 5.2

Today has some interesting points:

  • I got an email from the HR department of that connection from yesterday. They will be calling me Monday afternoon to discuss “what I’m looking for” so as to see where they might find a good fit for me.

  • For the last few days I’ve been taking a speed reading course online. When I tested my baseline speed a few days ago it was 363 wpm. Today after a few days of practice (10-20 minutes per day) I’m up to 572!! So that’s pretty intense.

  • I have an online date tonight (I’ll come back and do an edit later on how it goes). The cool thing is that it’s kind of perfect. This girl and I have been talking/flirting for awhile, and we’re both really into the show The Office (US). One of the shows stars, John Krasinski, is hosting a “prom” on YouTube tonight. Neither her nor I got a prom in high school so everything kind of worked out nicely in that way. Who says quarantine is all bad, right?

  • I’m working on music but this assignment is super tough. Definitely struggling to find a direction for this song right now but it’s not due until Sunday night and I really believe I can push myself to make it through.

  • For the last maybe week or so I’ve been seeing a lot of repeat numbers (11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 1:11). It’s been happening too frequently to feel coincidental

Edit: The online “prom date” when really well. We definitely hit it off and had a great time. All in all today was probably one of the most excellent in awhile.


Week 5.3
I don’t know much about Quantum Jumping. I first stumbled on the concept some time ago through various readings but never dove into the subject. Just now in the mirror I felt like I experienced a quantum jump. While brushing my teeth I was looking at a tattoo on my chest and I knew with absolute certainty that it was on the wrong side, even though it’s always been where it is. I felt as though I was connecting to another reality. I’m going to look more into the subject. I have some Burt Goldman teachings somewhere. This is an avenue worth following…