[Stacked ] Starq Q Terminus / Alchemist Q ST4 / PSQ @ rajeshwer

Heard a loop of Stark QT mas felt more joyful . Right now I feel very much present and aware and calm and composed .

@HypeDaddySovereign just want to know how pS script gonna gel with StarkQ in relation to dating and sex part as one is Alfa and another is sigma .

Seems played Stark QT again by mistake , my player jumped the track and I didn’t realised I was exposed to Stark QT again .
So far so good . Not feeling any immediate reconciliation or headache .
Will know better when I wake up tom morning.

Now onto 3rd loop of starkQT

Ok now u am feeling fearful , not fear of anything specific but fearful , door bell ranged and My solar plexus was disturbed , loud noise and I again was afraid , door banged and again afraid .
Part of reconciliation, I didn’t have it On normal stark q .

On other side , my body is feeling light ,.
Apart from this I don’t notice any behaviour change as of now .

One loop of Q of each title a day , can actually give lot of flexibility in terms of listening titles .
Let’s see how much brain can handle , may be I would like to add more titles to current stack after a week or so

I feel StarkQ is one of my fav sub now
I feel joy and , sex comes easily , so would romance , also I feel good in business after lockdown.

Social commutation is way way better

Emperor has always been my fav sub

But starq has surpassed my expectations by long , I actually feel different not just in my head but in my deeds , talking , walking , dressing , everything…

I m getting more women , usually I don’t take them to bed as I am committed to my girl but I can see that I have upper hand in gane and socially I am now different man , I can almost talk to anyone .

I jane observed all this after lockdown and I know I am enjoying this .
Ok money is still not shinning the way it should , but I want to keep this sub , starq as base sub for longer period .


Now I want khan and EOG on my custom sub , I don’t know whether they will merge witj starq ,
I hope they will add in to results of this sub

This StarkQ is like magic sub
I can feel so many changes and positive news and people around . Since my custom is also at play so may be combined effect of both !!!

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Which combination of subliminal’s are you currently using?

I run
StarkQ and StarkQ Terminus
2 loops each
2 loop of alchemist 4 while asleep
1 loop SM while making love to my girl
2 loops custom Early morning while meditating
Also emperor twice In a week
And once in week PCC

I think you or some other mentioned that Q and terminus hit mind on different level so I play StarkQ in both strength .

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