Stacked [StarkQ Terminus] the sexmaster


Ok so I am back! This is the second journal I have on the Major Programs section of the forum. The first one was mostly around my journey with Ascension and Sex Mastery. I did have some progress on Ascension for sure, things happened, I did great at my job. For the Sex Mastery portion, I unfortunately never got the opportunity to put it to the test. To be totally honest with myself and everyone here I am currently experiencing the longest drought of my life in that department… and the quarantined hasn’t helped much.

Still, I have decided to remain consistent with a simple stack of Stark and Sex Mastery Q. So I am starting this brand new journal. I would say that the main reconciliation that I have felt in the two weeks that I have been listening to mainly StarQ is that I have had the urge to switch subs which I resisted to.

Now after two weeks of listening I noticed that my willingness to stick to my workout ( I use resistant bands during the quarantine) has been 100% so I have been consistently committed to my workout program and my body is changing already thanks to that. Second, I have noticed that I am more joyous as I have more energy! I am in an uplifted mood, dance around and tend to express my joy much more than before. Finally, I noticed now that every-night I have complex and vivid dreams. And last but not least, no urge to fap. I have inaugurated a new habit to curb the urge which is to never take my laptop into my bed and going to bed around 10ish every-night. Not only that way I can get up early no problem but I can also listen to one more masked loop. Beside would Tony Stark jerk off…when he could tap pipper’s ass hardcore style any night? Not so likely!

So I really enjoy the StarQ so much, I appreciate the results so far and I am eager for more.

Till next time…adios!


Ok just amended my journal’s title to factor in StarkQ Terminus. I just ran one loop of the masked track this morning about an hour ago and I am feeling a massive surge of energy…and that is coming from someone who already has a high energy threshold. I am not sure how to channel it just yet…I have noticed while listening I was reading news articles and where before my attention would drop after reading a few sentences now I was almost unconsciously speed ready through the entire article. It was almost like I was a heat seeking missile and the end of the articles were targets. Very interesting so far…


Can u please provide the link to your ascension journal?



Ok so It’s been a few day since my last update.

I have been running StarQ Terminus since its release. I listen to anywhere between to 1 to 3 loops a day, ultrasonic every time. Besides having a great energy level and sticking out to my work out program, I haven’t noticed other effects thus far. At the same time, I am just coming out of government imposed Quarantine here so social contacts will soon be resumed. My goal is to ramp things up for the summer.

As you can see in the title I am running StarkQT in tandem with Sex Mastery. As far as sex Mastery is concerned I am running both Q and V2. Reason being, SXMQ gives me sex dreams and SM2 seems to be giving me much harder and longer lasting erections, I am talking raging hard ons and I quite enjoy that. So buy listening the them both I feel like I am fully covered.

Other than that, nothing really special to report.
Have a great day everybody


Time to journal a little. One thing that I definitely noticed between Q and non Q titles are dreams!
I have tested running one night before dosing off to sleep Sex Mastery X2 and on another one running Sex Mastery Q, of course, just one loop for both. Verdict: SMQ guarantees me to have a sexual dream! More realistic and sensations that ever and I haven’t been running SMQ for long at all, maybe 2 weeks max. So even If I may be getting less of the raging boners that I used to get when I was listening to X2 I am getting strong sexual dreams with Q and dreams are the beginning of manifestation so I will take that any day! I have also been running only one loop a day of StarkQ! What I have noticed with StarkQ is much more hope and positivity throughout the day. I also feel like the road to my goals are clearer and shorter than before. For instance, I am getting really close to reaching my fitness goals! I chose fitness because I feel like fitness is quite straightforward! You work out and you get results.

Anyways, I am sticking with my sub regimen. One loop of StarkQ terminus and one loop of Sex Mastery Q. I will update soon!


How is that going for you? I found out aswell that a mix of both Sm2 and Q version is the right choice.