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Hey guys let me introduce me my name is Atul sharma.
I am a complete beginner to SC. I take a look at all the subliminals that are available on SC. I choose EmperorQ, Executive ultima, spartan and the legacy. My main goal is wealth, productivity, social, health, intelligence and attract woman and girls. So please advise me should I go with these or change to another subs.

Welcome to the forum!

Emperor itself is a heavy sub, I can personally attest that it is sometimes a bit too much to handle, depending on your work/job/business situation. If you are the boss, or can be, like with your own business or side project, then it’s great. If you have a boss though, it might be better to start with something like Ascended Mogul first.

Emperor will have you covered for wealth, productivity and intelligence, and to some extent health, but it’s not a very social sub by itself, so you may want to add True Social to balance that out.

I hope that helps you get started!

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Read all the product pages. Personally, start with the executive ultima. Read that one first.

Start with limitless thats all you need at 15. No one will probably recommend you anything else since most of these products are 18+

They both are heavy subliminals for starting. you are young so dont try to speed things up. Start with something mild according to your goals.

Guys but currently for me the most important thing is money and intelligence. What should I do. Emperor is good for wealth and quantum limitless lite is added in both emperor and stark.

Regeneration and the elixir ultima.

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I don’t understand how they are gonna help me in my goals. Can you please tell me in details.

Unfortunately, I leave that task to you. Please read the product page for both and tell me how it will help you reach your goals.

They are healing subs…
They will remove all negative beliefs and traumas including anything that is not serving you well. Once that is all removed you will show your true self. Your true self will be your best self. Also at an early age like yours it will be easy to remove trauma and heal.

Dont rush for the shiny objects. Take time heal and move from there. Like @khan said read all the sales pages first.

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@pacman this guy is lucky for discovering subclub at 15 :stuck_out_tongue:

@Atul I HIGHLY recommend you focus on healing subs. At your age, they will work very quickly.

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I am just thinking that as i type…
I wish i discovered them back then or should i say i wish they existed that time lol

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Me too guys. Imagine if we started earlier.

Yea…I know exactly the period of time in high school that would have been optimal. Probably do lots of focus on healing, use the best ones available.

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Just start with one. First look at the executive ultima. It is free.

Hey so for how much time I have to use elixir and regeneration for ful results and permanent results. Ok I decide to use elixir and regeneration for next 6 months. I think it will be a good time for healing and please tell me how should I use them by this I mean how many loops of both in one day. how many days on and off

Imagine libertine in high school :smiley:

Haha I was thinking that too, back then (and obviously before coronavirus) I was naturally around all sorts of people.


@pacman combined with the major titles. Imagine.

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And the imagine going to college with that foundation…lol yassss im getting goose bumps lol