Stack order KB1+Genesis+Wanted

How would you guys listen to this stack?

Morning or evening?

Put KB1 with Wanted or Genesis?

Or listen to KB1 alone and do Wanted + Genesis?

Advice appreciated

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I listen to KBC1 in the evening and to Wanted the next morning. The next evening I listen to my 3rd sub and the next morning to my 4th sub. There’s a nice synergy when listening to KBC1 and Wanted this way.


I love this, because I wanted to add LBFH to this stack anyway.

Thank you big dog

Wait, without a full rest day inbetween?

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Hmm. This is a bit tough to decide.

Normally I would run WANTED on a separate day since it has loads of scripting but at the same time Khan Black: The Crucible does provide energy.

Yeah I think I would give WANTED a separate day. Even if Khan Black: The Crucible transmutes Sexual energy, the effect lasts a couple of days so it’s okay to run it this way:

Day 1: Khan Black: The Crucible, Genesis
Day 2: Rest

Would run the titles before I sleep. And if running two titles in a day, I run them back to back.


I used to do this, but found that I sleep better when I run in the morning.

Will have to experiment again.

This is what I thought, KB sexual energy meshing with Wanted, but yes might be better to give them some breathing room from each other.

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Yes. This is the best thing to do :+1:.

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Yup. I rarely need one.


I almost always do all of my subs in the morning; combined with a morning meditation. But if I oversleep or don’t have enough time I may do it later.

I’m usually pretty clueless about short-term subliminal effects. I don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to those. I’m probably more on a ‘Check Progress every 1-3 Months’ kind of time. If something happens sooner than that, it’s like a pleasant surprise.


That’s super interesting.

I’ve never seen anyone else on the forum operate that way.

Very disciplined and long-term view. Makes you choose a stack more deliberately.

I guess technically it is discipline, but it doesn’t feel like it.

If you were watching TV, and you saw an amazingly charming, intelligent, beautiful woman who you really wanted to meet, I don’t think you would grab a hammer and shatter the screen of the TV so that you could invite her into the room with you.

You wouldn’t do that because you know it wouldn’t work. She’s not actually inside of the TV.

I see it more like that.

I’m just trying to do what seems likely to work. If I learn that a different way works better, I’ll change. Believe me.

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That’s such a weird and random analogy lmfao

But I totally get it.

It’s discipline in a way because sub switching as a result of recon can feel like such a good idea sometimes. But once you know better, you know better, and can stick to your stack.

Also works because you are fully clear on your goals long-term, I would assume.

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This is the stack that I am running right now.
It is a wonderful combo of healing sexuality, female attraction and general overall life improvement.

I do it the same way as Lion has written it here:

Then I do Day 4 and Day 5 also as Rest Days, since WANTED is very recon and energy heavy for me.

Will post about my first results from Khan Black St. 1 and Genesis later.