Stack Analysis and Questions


If you have questions on your particular stack, post them here and @Fire or myself will try to answer them. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and there’s no way to completely accurately determine how everyone’s subconscious will respond. We’re pretty much going off of what’s in the scripts.


Yes. I’m doing Ascension, Aura, and Rebirth currently with positive results, but my mind has been brewing with investment ideas and opportunities. I’d like to bring Mogul into my stack. I know Mogul was just updated, but I’m wondering a few things.

Is there much difference between Ascension and Mogul separately vs. Ascension Mogul? What would you advise, and why?
Will Ascension Mogul be updated soon?

Thanks for your help in this.


My goals are to primarily excel in my education first and foremost followed by being an excellent man internally and externally.

This is my current stack that I play throughout the day and night on my portable speaker, I usually get around 7-8 hours of sleep and in the day I play it for about another 8 hours.


I play Rebirth on my phone about 3x in the day with ideally 3x Libertine when I wake up.

My new planned stack in the future is to play Godlike Masculinity on my phone with Rebirth both at 3x and play 3x Beyond Limitless and 2x Libertine. My question is if that’s a bit much or if I should slim it down to get better results? Also how many subliminal stacks can I put with my 2 main subliminals? Thanks in advance for the help.


I’m thinking about this stack, and I appreciate some feedback from you guys:

Primal XXX
Mogul v2
… looping for about 14 hours during the day.

Libertine Ultrasonic
Limitless X
Godlike Masculinity
… looping for about 7 hours at night.

With 3x Libertine SuperCharger when I wake up in the morning, of course.


How about creating stacks that are directed to a certain topic and alternate them each day.

For example: stack one focused on money and stack two focused on seduction and you alternate the stacks each day or every two days. That way you could also integrate the different superchargers into the stacks

What do you guys think?


It would probably be a better idea to do that with months instead of days. But that is just my opinion.


My stack as of now


Listening to Libertine 2-6 times a day.


Mine stack which i tweaked this morning

Emperor ex
Mogul v2
Godlike Masculinity
Primal XXX
Aura X
Limitless X

I like the experimental versions of the tracks

I also run those 24/7 if i can listen to them


The superchargers, if you have the time, won’t really “hurt” anything, as they are designed to “supercharge” results. So, you can run those as many times as you like, though 5x is going to be hard to maintain. Remember, these are different than subliminals, as they include the conscious mind. You’ll have to engage in deep guided meditation in order for them to work properly. I’d try…

Libertine (1x in the morning)
Emperor x 2
Limitless x 2
Godlike Masculinity x 1
Rebirth x 1
Beyond Limitless (1x at night)


Sounds like a great idea actually though wouldn’t it be better to combine Stack One and Stack Two and just alternate the superchargers instead? This way the knowledge uploaded to your subconscious is consistent daily while the supercharges do their work for the day. It might be even better to just play both superchargers daily. Though I do like your idea if our brain processes subliminals as it does with facts, we tend to burn facts in to our brains when we start to forget them which is how the SRS system has been developed for flashcards.


I really don’t know, i would like to her the opinion of @Fire and @SaintSovereign regarding this idea.


would it be unfocused to have two main programs alternating with no stack modules or superchargers? For example im doing ascended mogul and limitless v2 just back to back all night.


I think I can quite reliably say you wouldn’t be the first one to use that combination. Do try and get more exposure to them though, 4 hours per program per day will take a long time to work.