Stack: AM2 + Primal + Aura +?


I’m 57 and married (30+ years!). Not at all interested in pickup.(though strengthening the marriage relationship is always nice)

I’m self employed but not doing all that great. Feast or famine.

So, my main goals are:

  • Better habits
  • More supportive belief system
  • Start making big and consistent money

And while I’m by no means shy, I’d love to be better in social situations and in sales and client calls. More confident, better at thinking on my feet. More persuasive.

While I wait for a future sales subliminal, I just bought

  • Ascended Mogul,
  • Primal,
  • Aura.
  • (and the pre-order of Beyond Limitless)

Is that a good stack for my goals? Would you add anything to it? Limitless? Rebirth? Or is that overkill?

I know Primal is mostly to support pick up, but everything that appears to improve pickup seems to apply to business and life as well. so, I assume it’s a reasonable track to add to my stack.

Would you do them all equally? Or, give a higher ratio of one over another? My gut tells me this would be good:

Ascended Mogul
Ascended Mogul




Looks great, but if you want to strengten your relationship I would higly suggest you do read some pickup material, as I have known relationships to basicly be seduction each day(not as extreme as it sounds). (I would love to make some reading suggestions if you are interested!)

What part of the relationship are you looking to enhance?
What part of the relationship are you currently struggling with the most and what part is going pretty good?
What consists of ‘better habbits’ to you?
What believes do you want to change?
What would you do if I gave you 1 mil now, what did you want to be when you were little, what direction feels light?

Some questions you might ask yourself to get clearer on your own goals.

Also, if there’s any emotional garbage coming up; how will you handle it, what is your current coping strategy and do you have alternatives if one doesn’t work out? (For example Meditation / Journalling like this).

Subliminal wise
What’s your reasoning of having Aura so many times?

My suggestion would be to-do 2x Primal 1x Aura 2x Ascended mogul 1x Aura, especially at the start. As you want to internalize most of the subliminals, not just ‘show off an aura’. I hope that makes sense, after that expression of your innerstate could be a next step(which would make Aura way more usefull I guess).

I just wanted to note, you are an inspiration to me too. I am half your age, but seeing people from all walks and ages of life wanting to improve, it shattered a limiting belief I had for a long time. That I had to-do something by a certain age, because everyone else is more succesfull than me’. I forget each to his own, I thankyou for that sir. You have helped me a lot already :slight_smile:


I would simply stick to Ascended Mogul. Many of the benefits of Primal that you want you’ll get in AM.

I was the most sociable I had been on AM. Sure Primal took that up a notch, but thinking of opportunity cost, I’m not sure if I’d substitute a sub completely unrelated to my mission for something that is.


Thanks for that.

Working on my marriage isn’t a high priority for me right now. It’s good. I was just commenting that I understand it could always be better. But yeah, if you’ve got some recommended reading, I’m all for it.

My reason for so much Aura is probably just a lack of understanding of how it works. My thought was that it would be something of an amplifier and thus useful after every track. Sounds like I misunderstood that.

In your suggestion, I’d have Primal twice, back to back, then 1 Aura, and then Ascended Mogul twice back to back and another Aura?

It’s more beneficial back to back rather than spacing them out?

I’ve been more or less studying and trying to implement success and self help for 25 years. It started with Steven Covey, then with Tony Robbin, and went on from there. My life has been good but never great and I haven’t yet put together all the pieces for financial security, let alone financial independence. Time is running out. Gotta make something happen!


Interesting. I was really thinking Primal would be a natural fit with AM. My primary goal is creating a marketing and sales process that I actively and consistently implement and which brings in a massive and steady income.

I’m less interested in socializing, but when I’m on business calls or at networking events, I’d like to be somewhat alpha. I want to be confident in introducing myself to people, having conversations that makes people want to do business with me. I want to be strong and clever when talking to people about my business and why they’d benefit from hiring me.

Primal feels like it would do that. No? I’m more likely to meet my financial goals with solo AM?


If money is your highest priority, go for Mogul :slight_smile:

It will be the right choice, the best choice, the most perfect choice.


Primal would do that. It would also do a lot of other things that aren’t necessary for your goal. Since the brain can only process so much, and Primal is such a dense script, it’s going to take much longer for you to reach your financial goals with Primal in your stack.

The creators of these subs thought of damn near everything and the qualities you described are most certainly in Ascended Mogul. You will appear more confident in calls and everything else if you just run AM.


Everyone here hit it on the nail, but since you have the tools, here’s a good stack based on your goals:

5x Ascended Mogul
1x Primal
2x Aura

In that order. I think you’ll be quite pleased with the results. Just make sure you’re working toward a solid goal, more than just something like, “I want an online business.”

Make it defined: I want an online business doing [x] that generates [x] amount of revenue within one year.

Goal setting supercharges the hell out of sub use.


@SaintSovereign it seems Aura is your most favorite stacking module :smiley:

You always recommend it for use, and always at least twice.

Since you know what’s in its script, I’m curious why is it so important?


Excellent. I’ll start that play list today.

As for goals, is there a process you recommend for focusing on the goal? Review it throughout the day? Start the day imagining it? Affirmations? Or just make sure I’m taking action on that particular goal?


Actually just wrote about this on my journal: SaintSovereign's Journal (Custom Emperor, Limitless)


I actually think Rebirth is more useful in most cases, but if they have Aura, it’s useful when starting a business because it helps influence others to assist you. As for twice, just filling up the space he had, haha.


BTW, in the category of unintended consequences, I think this is what happened to me…

In my 20s, I jumped head first into all things Tony Robbins. One thing that really resonated with me his his teaching that you don’t have to HAVE something to FEEL something. You don’t have to BE successful to FEEL successful.

I practiced that and found myself able to enjoy the feeling of success without having accomplished my definition of success.

The unintended consequence is the pressure to act receded. I developed an Hakuna matata attitude and I stopped working as hard as I should have to accomplish my goals.

I still have that problem. I need to feel an urgency to my work and a commitment to putting in the hours my goals require. I’m hoping these subs will help me with that.


I saw that. I’m still curious what you recommend doing with the goal.

I could:
Write it out and forget about it.
Review it each morning
Do future pacing where I imagine the goal as completed.
Make sure I review and think about it multiple times a day

What have you found to be most effective? – or as Tim Ferris suggest: Maximum Benefit from Minimal Input (paraphrased?).


I don’t really do any of that. Work toward it, that’s pretty much it. Having the solid goal with a pass / fail state will motivate you.



Ah, well I might’ve misunderstood your opening post but anyway!

  1. No More Mr Nice Guy
  2. David Deida Superior Male
  3. The 5 Love Languages
  4. The Relationship Cure
  5. Difficult Conversations