St4 module even if you havnt used previous stges

I was wondering if someone hasn’t listened to the previous stages of a 4 stager can they still use the st4 module?

Paragon Complete Core
KB ST4 Complete Core
Quantum Limitless ST4 Complete Core
SPS Endrine System
Anvil Of Hephaestus
Male Enhancement
Height Inducer
Facial Morphing
Stop Porn And Masturbation

This is the custom im thinking of building,basicaly to become a chad and also with semen retention and intellegence benefits to learn how to code and learn languages, also added kb4 to sleep less

It’s far better to run through the other stages. This has been asked and answered many many times.


Out of all the subs to NOT skip stages on, it’s DEFINITELY KB.

One st4 that you already have a lot of exposure to can be dense inside a custom with a second core and modules

EDIT: This post above is not what I wrote and I do not appreciate the edit by the moderation team.

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Guys. Please be patient with the new user :pray:


That’s probably way too much. As noted before, better not jump into Stage 4, it would bring lots of recon and not much results. Also: Paragon, KB, QL, Male Enhancement and Height Inducer are VERY energy hungry. All put in one custom would move very, very slow.

I suggest: Run through KB 1-4. It will help build up your energy level so it will get easier and better along the way, and choose one aspects you want to work on first. If you have a health issue go with Paragon, if you want to go for a muscled, beautiful appearance first maybe go with Legacy of the Spartan. (Anvil could be used, if you got the feeling you maxed out LotS which… will take a while.)

Overall it makes more sense and brings way better results with Subliminal Club to find a good start and snowball than use brute force.


Oh, and regarding the sleep: If you go for a lot of physical shifting, you need restful sleep (less could be tricky) and proper nutrition. It’s a lot of heavy work your body will be doing.

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This is my old custom this is my remade one

Not a new user :wink:

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That might be true although I do think it is his first custom.


Hope you didn’t take offence @Lavalake! I respect you enough to just say it straight at this stage, I think you can handle a direct comment about how that custom would effect you and the principles why so you understand for future projects. Good to see you asking lots of questions on the forum!