ST4 Best Stage to Stack?


So with all these super chargers coming out it seems like it’ll be best to use them so the ST4 of the big programs. Once I’m done with ST2 I’m going to ST3 for 30 days, but I would like suggestions once I’m at ST4. Or would it be best to run ST4 by itself for 30 days than start stacking?


With superchargers? Or other programs?

Superchargers can be used with all stages. As for other programs, since EoG ST4 contains mostly ST2 & 3, your subconscious should already be familiar with the messages and you could start stacking right away.

Still, you might want to wait at least two weeks or so, just to see if your experience changes compared to the previous stages and to let your subconscious settle in.


Oooo I like that; full 30 for ST3 than 15 for ST4. That actually sounds very sound. Alright I’ll do that than. Well I plan on adding in either Emperor or perhaps Power corrupts and inner circle.


Do you know what more ST4 contains other than 2+3?


Not specifically, but there would be scripting present to make them work well together, which is why ST4 may still hold a few surprises. If you take a look at AMASH’s Khan journal, you’ll notice he describes ST4 as different than either 2 or 3.

If I remember correctly, there’s also some extra manifestation scripting in ST4 that isn’t in 2 & 3.