ST1 general question


Not sure if I’ve seen any recommendations on this, but would it be advised to not stack anything with any ST1?

I saw I think @DarkPhilosopher mention something that has me thinking. ST1 of any multi is supposed to be breaking down so wouldn’t stacking be like darkphilosopher said: breaking down part of the wall then building some back. Two steps forward one back?


My understanding is that you’d be tearing down part of the wall, ripping out the piece of foundation under that wall, then rebuilding that section of foundation and wall with far superior materials.


With Khan and Gold, it is GREAT to stack Stage 1 with Stage 4.
That’s the only way to have the full product - goals AND healing.
Over time, Stage 1s will simply not be as necessary, because most limiting beliefs have been sorted out.

Personally, I find Stage 2s to be conflicting with the Stage 3s & 4s, because they make us question our goals & plans - making it difficult to ACT on them.

Edit - PS: I’ve not used Stage 1s of Alchemist or QL, and they are anyways incorporated fully in the Stage 4s. So stacking may never be required.

Stage 1s are NOT designed to Break Down the Walls of your Goal Fortress, their job is to break down the enemy’s walls :blush:
… Limiting Beliefs, Toxic Shame, Unworthiness, Fears, Unproductive Assumptions, Negative Judgements, etc.

You could say that they actually Build Up your Self Esteem.

As the Khan salespage says:


Khan ST1 has some core programming included, so you won’t be too exposed.

Like bulldozing a crumbling building whilst having a metal roof to stop the rain falling in.


All good points.

So you guys are saying it’s perfectly ok to combine a ST1 with a stacking module or even another major program?


If that’s the case that khan stage 1 only tears down limiting beliefs etc then I would think if one wanted to use st1 and stack it with others it would be fine for the reason it wouldn’t tear down those new beliefs of those other programs right ?