Spoiled: A gentle warning

I’m just a kid
in a candy store.
I’ve got thousand subs
and I want one more.
Feels good to be spoiled,
Thanks to @HypeDaddySovereign and @Fire.
What can I do?
It’s tough to curb my desire.

I thought starkQ was the last,
Until they embeded my name.
And then they made Ultima
And changed the whole effing game.
Thanks to the free upgrades,
A feat most generous indeed.
Showing all innovators,
How to graciously lead.

I thought I finally could,
rest my case for buying.
Right then came out Medici,
Another sub worth trying


@mecharc - haha! Love the rhyme

It really do be like that sometimes

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@mecharc, which subs help in writing poetry / push one to express in creative ways? :blush:

QL ST4… I can’t even imagine what the skills are gonna become if I add Ultimate artist

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man, I used it with emporer and it worked amazingly!

Did you use Emperor with QL or UA?