Spellbinding the world through Love and Charisma

So, I wanted to create a new journal and get better at writing these entries in a more captivating way. When I share insights, my engagement on social media increases significantly, but when I post regular updates, the response is as lively as a Magikarp that can’t level up.

My dating life has improved dramatically since I dropped [wanted] and switched to PS.

This journal will chronicle my journey to becoming the go-to guy in my niche and the man women boast about to their friends. Not because of ego, of course, but eventually finding my true soulmate, for which I haven’t placed the custom order yet, as I asked support a question about it.

So, my stack right now is PS, Stark Black, Quantum Limitless, and Sacred Creator.

To recap what has happened since PS: I have approached the women guys dream about, and they loved me. I had a fling with an incredibly attractive girl who had to return to Australia, but she sends me super sweet messages all the time. God, I love feminine women.

I’m also dating a Chinese girl who has started to brag about me to all her friends and is trying to set up a threesome with me and a Korean girl because I mentioned I liked Korean girls. ‘Liked’ is the wrong word; I love Korean girls.

In addition, I’m receiving one-on-one coaching on how to grow an IG niche account and how to build a strong brand. Some of the small tasks are a bit tedious, but I figured with Stark Black, that part would be sped up and streamlined.

I also asked AI to combine all my ideas, and it’s pretty cool, so I’m going to let this picture be the cover of my journal.^

Let the magic unfold and the true power of subs and creation be unlocked.


Will be following your journal for sure!
I was also wondering, have you been approaching women while you were using Wanted as well?

I did a bit, but there was something incongruent about it. I should have noticed it earlier when girls said I was too mysterious, which made me a bit passive, waiting for the girl to make the first move.

And the super feminine women I want to date usually won’t make the first move. I think “wanted” had me holding on to a bit of a craving for validation from women.

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Not related but which AI image generator do you use?

Chat gpt so Dall E

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Woke up today feeling beyond incredible. Unstoppable, free, loved – like lying down in a sugar cotton ship flowing but still in absolute control.

Like a vessel of Upekkha floating on the sea of Mudita. As I penetrated deeper and deeper into the veils of existence, I realized that there’s always a sea of positivity for us all to tune into.

But we don’t. Our habitual tendency is to tune into the negative. We keep having more and more bad days, nothing more than mere slaves to our habitual tendencies.

But as I’m floating around in Mudita in my vessel of Upekkha, an idea arose. What happens if I add some Karuna to this beautiful sea? Endless beauty emerged; love and joy overflowed my entire existence.

The Brahmaviharas is nothing but a sea of possibilities you can tune into. It’s a glorious, miraculous sea, but most people tune into the dark sea of doubt, fear, and anger instead.

But how could you ever be aware of this deeper layer of existence if you have an addiction that is making your mind foggy?

The biggest danger of addictions is not that they make your body feel bad. It’s that they cloud your awareness from the endless beauty of life.

It pulls you into a pond of dirt and weeds, blind to the clear sea.

Blind to the absolute beauty of every single woman on earth. True goddesses walking around on earth just waiting to be fully witnessed.

Blind to the beauty of mother nature herself.

The chinese girl said she could not mind tries to figure out why. But why don’t matter. It’s just the dirty pond trying to pull me in once again.

Mind mind you so silly you are the endless sea yet you try to go in to your dirty little pond.


This pic remind me of the anime “the rose of versailles” :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! I love all your graphics

It’s really interesting how this girl don’t want to meet now, We kissed and she was super on to me. My guess is she’s a bit avoidant since she said she actually likes me and shes leaving soon.

I feel like I’m havign a 2and awakening. I’m starting to stabilize double Brahmaviharas which is something my teacher said is not possible.

Also writing more poetic is super fun for me. Prime creation of my peak Enneagram functions.

I can be like Rumi :D. All craving for girls seem to slowly vanish which is prolly the reason I just seem to be surrounded by them now.

I really want to make my new dating custom but waiting for support response for that.

I’m just becoming girls holiday romance atm. Well now I got girls in several countries of the world but honestly I’ts becoming time to find the girl that make my heartsing.

Time to make a PS Heartsong custom.

Also Social Media when you get a actual plan and tips is actually super fun. I used to like it for a while but then I got addicted to how well the post did which lead to craving and suffering. But now it goes how it goes I have a knowing it all will work out perfectly especially with this little powerhouse of a sub

The greatest suffering comes from putting too much importance on things.

This idea is resonating with me more deeply each day. It ruins the magic of everyday life, like the morning kiss from your beloved wife, or the joy of seeing your coworkers.

It even affects the potential for a deep connection on a date, as your mind craves sexual validation. Interestingly, while sex itself is fascinating, the mind tends to overemphasize its importance, building it up as if it’s the holy grail of life, overshadowing everything else.

This mindset leads to self-doubt on dates. You start thinking, “What can I do to sleep with this person?” and fear screwing it up. It’s all suffering. And when you finally have what you wanted, it feels like just a mirage, an illusion, an empty promise of absolute euphoria.

But let’s be honest, that’s not the point of this post.

If you put too much importance on being cool or likable, you achieve the opposite. If you focus too much on being present, you forget to actually be present.

This overemphasis leads to nothing but suffering. It creates tension and a strong craving in the mind.

You miss the magic in every single moment of your existence. You become blind to it, because your mind has labeled those 1,000 likes on social media as more important than your wife and kids.

It’s foolish. The mind is just a silly little thing.

For instance, I used to put so much importance on writing with a specific structure and hitting the right triggers, otherwise deeming it a bad post. But, strangely, my best videos and posts are those written purely from intuition, which doesn’t care about structure.

And it’s also the biggest block to manifestation but that’s a way too long subject for now.


Massive realisation about seduction. You want to allow the feminine to seduce you, You don’t crave the girl to seduce you, you don’t want her to seduce you you simply let her.

As I walk around, I see the world in a new light. I don’t feel sad, I don’t feel happy, I don’t feel really anything. But it’s not apathy. Music has more vibrance. It feels like a completely new level of perception, a heightened awareness. Which also feels like an existential crisis.

I see a group of girls posing for social media, walking around with their tripods and cameras to find the best spot so they can get the most likes. I see a girl walk past me; my old conditioning kicks in and says I should approach her. But my heart doesn’t even want to. So whose idea is it, even?

I feel unplugged from reality as I question everything. Which beliefs and ideas are actually mine? Are any beliefs mine, or did I just pick them up from somewhere?

All the shoulds and should-nots, are they even real or just an echo of the past?

As I walk around in this mysterious state of mind, I feel my aura getting bigger and people starting to smile at me. My mind tries to cling to it and my first instinct is to smile back, but that is also a should. So I just keep walking while questioning everything.

Have I lived in a complete lie? I used to believe I needed to do things to get women interested. Yet the interactions lately say something completely different. In fact, I did pretty much the opposite of what you are supposed to do, yet they got super attracted.

Are all shoulds and should-nots just a lie? A complete lie that is keeping us restrained, shackled to a limited perception?

The less you try, the more it comes to you, so then what’s the point of the hustle culture? The less you try, the more girls like you, so what’s the point of trying to get girls?

All trying seems to imply that it’s hard. And not even your idea, just something that you picked up from somewhere.

As I question more and more ideas, a serene joy starts to overcome me. All of these ideas are just that, IDEAS. And almost none of them are even my own. Is everything just Anatta? There is nothing personal. Well Buddha would have said I was on the right path with that. But then what’s even the point. Just sit in bliss and share bliss and raise the vibration of this planet until we all ascend.

Yea I have no idea

This will be an interesting day.


Therfore unplugging is not attractive because you are not doing anything or trying to act cool.

It’s attractive because you have a knowing they love you or want to sleep with you no matter waht you do. And if you take this to the filter of the whole some you act kind towards girls and know they want to f you or be around you. But everytime you try to do something to make her like you you break that knowing. Because if you knew you would not do it.

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I ordered my custom today and I’m really stoked about it. Honestly, making the custom was more fun than listening to them.

I have one more custom planned, but I need to chosen update for it. Then, I will most likely play the same stack for a long time with some minor tweaks. I added some physical shifting to it, since it’s not wanted.


So I had this idea after diving deeper into more healing modalities and things like projections and interjections.

What If I clear up all the beliefs that is counter aligned with the subs I run. That should make the work way faster and effortless. And especially the splite ego states since they are trickier to fix which prolly make it trickier for a subliminal to fix as well than interjections and projections

Time to get to work

Listened to my new romance custom. I felt kinda low today might have listened a bit too hard to stark black.

But this one feels very light and lovey so now I’m crying tears of joy. While listening to it haha.

I also just realized once chosen is released and I make a custom with it will be the first time in a long time I don’t run too many subs and actually follow recomendations

This sub seem to be extermely powerful as well. Texted with a girl and since our conversation was very non sexual.

I blurted out it’s really cool getting to know a girl that are as much into spirituality as me. And I don’t even see you romantically it’s just great to talk to you.

Her response was basically we’ll see about that. And this was not done from a gamey perspective it was just my feelings in the moment.