Speaker setups for ultrasonics


Hello everybody!

I just registered on the forum. I have heard of subliminals 2 weeks ago from a friend who bought a product and I have been lurking around here reading the forum posts. And I was quite surprised at first I was sceptical but when I saw the number of posts comments and the length of those I became sure that those weren’t alt accounts from the creators and I was really bewildered from the experiences some users had.

My friend bought Emperor but seeing that he wasn’t brave enough to sign up and make a post here made us think that something is wrong with the setup. He has a Huawei Mate 10 Lite and I have a Huawei Mate 20 Lite we measured the sound and it went up to -60 but we could hear a buzzing sound and he said it made him sleep half awake his ears buzzed the following day. then we tried it on his laptop an Acer F15 but it barelly registers -60 db when system sound are on 100% and VLC on 200% but we could hear a whistling sound and I am sure that maxed volumes are not healthy either on phone or pc. He became quite hopeful when he bought his sub but seeing no results he got quite depressed. I would like to help him and I would like to benefit from this too. I am someone who likes these kind of things so i quickly became to say so “possesed by a devil”. I did mad research read some publications and I think this can work.

I am also planning on buying one because he wouldn’t send me his and I can’t experiment, but while I was reading through the forum i saw many people being unsure about the speaker setups regarding ultrasonics and I believe that’s my friends problem too and probably will be mine too seeing my phone’s frequensee measurement. So I think it would be a good idea if those of you who have experienced success could write down your setups:

like the name of your speaker, at what percentage is the volume, how far is the device from you, what’s the altitude difference


Welcome to Subliminal Club!

Well, first of all, you’re probably overthinking this. You can play ultrasonic audio on pretty much any modern speaker and get good results. Even better if you have something like a sound bar, etc. As for results, remember that results won’t just appear out of thin air. The posters that are getting exceptionally good results are also the same ones that are out there hustling everyday. With a subliminal like Emperor, you’ll need to choose a goal(s) and make sure you’re actively working toward them. That’s when you’ll start to see the results manifest and momentum pick up.

Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but before you spend a huge amount of time trying to optimize your listening experience, you need to make sure that you have that groundwork taken care of first.