Spartan two versions. What is the difference?



I have just bought Spartan and in the downloaded files I see two versions:
Spartan Apex Warrior (Ultrasonic)
Spartan New Dawn X (Ultrasonic)

I see New Dawn is 10 minutes longer.

Do you know what is the difference between the two versions?

Thank you


Hello —

New Dawn was an experimental version of Spartan that proved to be much more powerful (sometimes by too much) than the original.

The New Dawn version had a different listening pattern too — three days on, one day off.

Try New Dawn unless it feels like too much.


Hi, a different type of question. I read New Dawn & PrimeTech being mentioned often here and on the website too. Just wondering if they are software used to make subs or just scripts to make subliminals more effective to the users. Cheers


These refer to the various proprietary technologies / platforms we use to build our titles. New Dawn is the latest, though we’re getting ready to upgrade our tech again after Alchemist. @Fire came up with a VERY interesting concept that I’m very eager to test.


Ok, thanks for the explanation.


Thank you @SaintSovereign