Something in-between Emperor and Stark Q?


I am in a dilemma about the sub to choose. To provide context:
As a kid I used to stutter a lot. And kids made fun of me. This has lead to some deep emotional scars. And a habit of taking things too seriously and personally. I often lash out when I shouldn’t. And take things the wrong way even when people aren’t that serious. Once upon a time I dreaded talking to the fairer sex. But with time I have overcome to the barrier. Though my seduction game sucks.

I also am trying to start a side hustle. And often have trouble with motivation.

I started out with Regen Q x 1, Stark Q T x 1. While it got me into the mood of connecting with people more, making me more famous and putting me front and center. I often struggled with motivation. I often procrastinated on things I should have gotten started. I often ignored people who irritated me.

Yesterday I changed it to Regen Q x 1 and Emperor X 1. Now while I am motivated, I get too intense. I again started to take things too seriously. I lashed out on people I shouldn’t have.

Now I am wondering if there is something in between Emperor and Stark? Or should I stick to Regen, Rebirth etc for sometime?
What do you guys suggest?


Stark & Ascension are the perfect middle path, personally I believe Stark has a lot of the outer game while Ascension handles more of the inner-game, anyhow both subliminal’s do both.

Stark and Ascension just really fit well together and get you that balance of both masculine and feminine qualities. Give it a shot or try Ascension solo!


When I started on Emperor I had the exact same feelings. Particularly when I combined it with Stark.

Emperor, to me, works so much better on its own. Maybe because it’s very dense and combining it with other big programs was too much. You could try it on its own and it probably won’t make you as intense. Having said that, you’ll not be supporting the social aspect.

I think Hermit is spot on, based on your goals. I was going to provide the same recommendation. I’ll add that you may want to try the Q version of Stark instead of T. Terminus was too much for me as well, specially when combining with something else. Always felt better on Q


Moreover I believe Stark lacks the inner-strength, social Alpha, dominance scripting where as Emperor lacks the smoothness, receptivity and magnetism of Stark, a combination of Ascension and Stark or Primal and Stark would honestly solve that.

Primal or Ascension & Stark are a very potent combination, depending on your goals I would chose one of the former, either Primal if your focus is more sexually oriented or Ascension if your goals are more oriented around success in life on a more personal and diverse level. I haven’t tried Primal but from what I’ve heard of it, it is also very ‘loving life and feel good’, Ascension also brings these qualities to the surface but only as a return of your actions.


I have used Primal for several months now, almost exclusively. You are correct with it, except for the sexual aspect. It is not inherently sexually charged, I believe that is entirely individually deterimined. It is more about beliefs and limits around sexuality.

On the first day of using it, I just naturally became “Myself”… and ended up asking this girl for number/date that was crushing who I had been ignoring for months.

The end result of that interaction was me being rejected on the spot, on account of her social anxiety, influenced mostly by my “alpha” behavior, which is just something I ingrained in my personality years ago but repressed do to lack of any concrete results.


Interesting how it affects your internal state so much, which for me is the most important – to feel good inside.

Personally on Stark without Ascension it feels like everyone likes me but me myself and I, it’s like everyone loves my presence and what I’m saying and doing but it just feels unsatisfactory for myself, I’m not sure how to put it. Ascension on the other hand gives me those inner-strengths and qualities and oh don’t get me wrong I can persuade and will my way around things on Stark very heavily it just doesn’t feel like I have the strength and power inside, everything just seems to ‘happen’ as I want it.

I do feel very blissful and happy on Stark thought, just that lack of Masculinity, inner-strength and dominance (yet you’re very dominant in a way but it’s more like the magnetism of your presence that twists everything to your needs).

How would you compare Primal to all of this?


Actually Primal has a divergent attitude, to anything that is not congruent with your current attitude/views. Before Primal I was absorbing all this energy around me, And I was essentially “poisoned” in a sense by the attitudes of those around me, absorbing this into my mindset, despite my efforts to look externally unphased.

To give an example of the divergent attitude, to show contrast to stark… In knowing the cognitive dissonance I maintained within myself, I make efforts to achieve congruity on my internal state into reality. In doing this I can understand better my impact on people who project their fantasy onto me.

The impact of these decisions for congruence of fantasy and reality isn’t without consequence. About the girl I mentioned above, I ended up losing all my sexual transmutation energy this woman was giving me, and still haven’t fully figured out how to replace it, despite knowing how and my physical activity is much lower than the first quarter of this year.


Feels very similar to what Ascension does only a focused a little bit differently. I agree on that one, if you aren’t setup to be strong internally you’ll easily pick-up on external beliefs of others; even when conscious of it or not.

I would definitely want to give Primal a shot in order to see the effects for myself, but I’m not going to as it seems very romantically or rather sexually oriented even thought it does way more then that, that’s not where my focus lies at this time.


I imagine the main difference is Asc. focuses more on specific behaviors that are high value and results focused, where primal, the value and results are only accidental.


Why would you say they’re ‘accidental’, aren’t the results you’re receiving caused by Primal’s scripts then? Or do you mean that the results are rather an indirect reflection of your internal state rather then externally focused scripting pin-pointing those outcomes directly?

If that be the case, I’d definitely agree on that – Ascension also contains highly advanced Aura and external status scripting.


that is correct, That is only my assumption around asc information page, I would say primal is less romantic then asc, being it is focused around extrinsic value based on cultural romance. Primal would be just attraction, as you mentioned an aura that some might be able to sense.


Does anyone else notice more drive on emperor then stark, or did notice?


Stark has been very productive to me, only that where I’m productive on is very different when comparing it to Emperor.


I remember fire writing that they turned the power ,drive and fire to the max with emperor when they were creating it


Oh i remember Emperor Experimental Qa was an absolute beast lol.


Can you say more please,
Where do you find yourself productive on Stark vs. Emperor?

This has been an interesting challenge on Emperor, I’m insanely productive, on my self development, current work, and solidified commitments. I have more trouble with innovating or creating new commitments and taking them on fully. While this is gradually shifting it has been a challenge.


Definitely yes. It’s very effortless too, makes you really want to work and you actually enjoy it. It pushes me to do my very best on my tasks. However, it also helps me discern whether the task is worth doing, so you don’t waste your time on useless shit just for the sake of feeling productive


Yes, that’s it,
thank you

I see the majority of my current work tasks as not worth it
and ended up doing a great job anyway, but I am being pushed very powerfully in two directions
drop the tasks and work- I am making a conscious choice not to -perhaps out of lack of faith of what’s next-but also out of what seems logical and intelligent


perform to the highest of my ability


I’ve stopped using Emperor since about June when I started my custom.

This makes me wonder what effect stopping it might have had.

I used it from December 1 to May. And during that time, it’s true, I completed a very difficult task that I’d not been able to get through in the years prior. It did not feel easy, but it did get done.


While they’re both very productive Archetypes, Emperor has a more warrior like mindset get things done take action right now, pull-through-push-through kind of way of doing things and is also oriented differently on Emperor I woud mainly be focused on personal development, wealth-building, fitness & health where as on Stark I can be focused on anything which evolves my skills and qualities, more intellectually oriented I would not push myself to do things instead I’d take action on thinking it through make up a very well deserved plan and then take action on it optimally.

Emperor is has very Masculine aspect while Stark has very Feminine aspects, as you can see this is also reflected in the execution; Emperor is very willing to do everything and take action on it, where as Stark let’s action come to him by thinking it through. Which really shows the electricity and magnetism of both Archetypes, honestly I don’t like any over the other I only sought to advance my natural talents and skills.

There’s probably way more to add to this, if you’re interested I can probably think of more and give you some additional information.