Someairforcedudes journal


This is going to be my Journey using limitless x for thirty days, and then adding limitless /emperor stack, 1:1 overnight after the thirty days. I tend to listen from 8pm to 8am on a set it and forget it level.

My set up - agptek A02 mp3 player (very temporary) ordered a opus #1s for this and my music collection. I am using Edifier powered bookshelf speakers.

This is not turned all the way up. I will be experimenting the volume levels to see if it makes a difference. I hope the creators let me run some experimental stuff through this setup as it’s a decent one. Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.

Journey so far - agptek mp3 with soundcore motion b+ running limitless x for two weeks. Had some vivid dreams here and there but nothing else out of the ordinary. Once my opus gets here I am going to load limitless and see if that makes a difference for me vs the x.


I’m quite curious on a couple of things if you don’t mind.

  1. You mentioned that you grew up with limiting beliefs forced upon you. Are there any pursuits that you would otherwise do if these beliefs didn’t hold you back and do you feel Limitless will help you learn better in those pursuits?

  2. As with the volume levels and the Limitless X with Limitless comparison, I’m curious on whether Ultrasonic or Masked would work better for you though I wouldn’t know if Limitless X has a Masked version.

  3. Do you have any plans of increasing the usage of subliminals outside the 8pm to 8am period? It may be helpful to increase the time listening to it.



  1. Yes, I was brought up in a way to limit my earnings, to buy what I can afford…to live within my means(which is not bad advice)but it also doesn’t teach you to reach outside your means. This really is something after realizing that I don’t take risks like I should, that having this is enough… In this day and age, enough is when you can retire tomorrow if you wanted but instead you continue what you are doing because you love it. I can tell you more on Direct message vs posting on here my actual situation and all that good stuff but for the rest that will be reading this - I think limitless should help me get rid of the thoughts that come up when I set my mind on something - I need to be able to follow through. There are many things as I sit every night and think about that have come up where I could have handled things differently if I wasn’t worried about every little thing - or if I would have just picked up a new book or language and just learned what I needed to know. My lack of knowledge on certain topics and my limiting beliefs(which go hand in hand tbh) have taken me to a point where my mind rationalizes and comes up with excuses and makes it ok for me to not do things to for example - grow my businesses or to learn more about marketing etc. etc. I believe Limitless will help me take the initiative to learn everything I can and combined with Emperor to push me to build an empire will help me with my goals of world domination.

  2. I do not know why masked or ultrasonic would really be different. The reason I do ultrasonic is because I do share my bed with my wife and so I don’t want to disturb her. Plus she is kinda getting a side benefit of limitless - though I do not know what will happen when I buy emperor and do that stack. She is OK with trying it - but I don’t know how its going to affect her - I will make sure to post here about that to let you all know. Her exposure is from 8pm to 5am though, so a little less than me.

  3. I do not currently have any plans on increasing the subs outside of that period because the nature of my business does not really allow it. I am at retail stores all day - and I don’t know if my customers and employees would all appreciate subs the way I do. Perhaps once my busy season is over - I might increase outside the 12 hours - but at least for the next 6 weeks or so - I can’t.


Update for today. After reading through a lot of places here and online I have decided to do a stack. So for now I will be doing limitless +limitless x stack. When I get emperor I will be doing limitless x + emperor x + limitless + emperor stack. Just to cover my bases, as I hear one or the other is more effective with some people. I know that I have a lot of issues to overcome so that will be my stack for a long time. If anything I might not doublestack… I might just switch to the non x version for the next two weeks and then try the stack. Any thoughts would be greatly helpful.


I find that the x and non x affect me differently.


If you have some time @AMASH can you let me know the differences that you have noticed so far?


It is mostly about the smoothness.

Limitless feels smoother doing its magic in my unconscious compared to Limitless X.

I noticed I’m reviewing what I am learning very often in my imagination, and I feel hyper motivated to learn. I almost can’t stop myself from using all my free time to learn things I have always wanted to learn.

I cannot compare the effect of Limitless and Limitless X individually because I am looping both with SSv2.1