Some thoughts after a week using Ascended Mogul and Sex Mastery


Hi everyone,

I am not new to SC, since I have read stories of Amash and other members from the beginning of this year. Your stories inspired me to take action by trying Ascension Lite and Emperor, however I did not gain any noticable effects (maybe due to the monospeaker of Oneplus phone).

This November, I give SC another try by stacking AM and SM and listen at workplace via a headphone. After 1 week, some results has appeared.

  • I feel more confident and calm,
  • More easy to talk and express myself;
  • I just naturally erect several times even though I have not thought of any sexual contents or confronted any hot girls (quite interesting).

I think those results do not come from placebo effect but real effects of subs. It seems that I’m getting better everyday.


I do have similar results just with Sex Mastery alone. Keep getting exposed to it, you will see more results.

With more exposure you will develop more masculine traits.


I think Sex Mastery is the most effective subs ever. It not only affects you mental but also your body very quickly. At the moment, I get some trouble with premature ejaculation, I hope that Sex Mastery may help me out.


Until now, I have listened to my stack for nearly 3 weeks. I don’t see any improvement on the outside worlds except that some girls just look at me and smile or stare at me several times even when I wear mask (Vietnam is so dirty).

The significant change is that those subs urge me to undertand myself, my inner state. As a enneagram type 5, I have tendency to suspect my ability and believe " I am not enough, I am not worthy", therefore, the last 2 weeks are the journey that I dig deeply my soul to correct my thoughts, find out false beliefs. For example, I am not too upset or stubborn when sombody oppose my ideas, which , in my belief, shows that I am flexible and do not have big ego. But now I realize that I don’t protect my opinon because I always think that my opinion may be wrong and if it’s wrong, I must adhere to opinion of other people. In other words, I am not worthy, I am always wrong, I must obey to other people’s commands. I must make affirmations everyday to state that " I love and respect myself".

On the other hands, I don’t feel depressed while listening to SM and AM. Those subs seem to be smooth, not harsh like Emperor or Khan. I don’t know such smoothness is only true in my case or due to cores of subs. I can conclude that I am changing in better ways but this progress is not so fast and not so tough.


You’re clearly being impatient. You must understand that despite your age, you’ve probably had more negative programming, and reinforcement of said programming influence you, more than anything positive just like most human beings. While it is amazing that we can see even a hint of quick results with these subs, lasting change will only be seen through constantly applied subliminal runs and of course taking action that reinforces the new programming.

I personally have been using subs for 2.5 years (only 2 weeks with subclub), and I’m just now starting to really come into my own more as a man internally. It takes time to see lasting change. It’ll happen quicker than you think, but in most cases it won’t happen instantly. If you can’t face that fact then just abandon your journey now because you’ll end up growing frustrated and probably doing yourself more harm than good. Either way, all the best luck to you.


Thank you for your comment. You’re right, I am being impatient since I read through journals of other members and found that they got results so quickly.

Btw, I also read your journal, how many hours you expose to subs per day @Davisnwc?


Typically 6.5 so far.


The ones that get results faster could be to various factors like ( meditation, programming of your enviroment, energy work and the type of life you live).

Dont measure your results with others, you will find that everyone has their journey.