Some questions I have


Is that true that we can mix any subliminals by subliminal club ?
Normally, it’s one sub only, cause if we mix up different subliminals then it doesn’t works…

They also ask to use high quality earphones, but subliminal by subliminal club can be used on smart phone speaker too. (Just use ultrasonic version on loop and forget about it)

It’s somehow hard to digest, so want to confirm it here.

Also, can we listen to these while sleeping ?

After boozing on some hard drinks or couple of beers…?



Yes. We scripted our subs to specifically handle modularity and stacking. Some stack better than others though.

This is debatable and up in the air. You’re going to get results regardless, but some people are reporting better results on better headphones / speakers. I just invested in a set of Bose headphones to test this.


As for alcohol, I don’t know if it affects subs or not.


12-23-18 @ 9:30 PM;
Subs from Sub Club can be stacked, but it is recommended for users not to stack more then 3 subs at a time. And about the headphones, yes it is recommended that you get an good quality pair of headphones. You don’t have to go crazy and spend lots of money. I got myself a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pros, not just because they are great to listen to subs, but also because they are great to listen to music in general. They are very comfortable to wear for extended period of time, due to the earmuffs seating around your ears, not on them. I also like that these are wired, as I’ve read that listening to subs via bluetooth headphones/speakers can degrade the sound quality of subs, due to bluetooth’s compression format.

Listening to the subs while sleeping is recommended. The use of alcohol excessively, and/or the recreational use of drugs is not recommended when listening to subs, as that will definitely interfere with the performance of he subs.



For 16 hrs, it’s difficult to be on earphones…
I have bose revolve plus, which I use for listening the subs…and when am in office (cannot carry speakers there) then I use my cell phone speakers.

I don’t get knocked out drunk on anything (maybe very rarely…once in a bluemoon like on new years eve), but, when am really tired or got to be up late nights…then I do drink a beer or two (650 ml x2). Hence, I was concerned if subs would work or no.

I had asked a hypnotist, (Anthony) He said when you are drunk your brain becomes more suggestible.

If subs are not working after having a little alcohol, then it’s best to have a suggestion incorporated in the subs, which says not to drink…(just an idea)

So, it’s not recommended stacking up more than 3 subs…with that said, I would like to know does this include Stack Modules (Rebirth, Aura, Libertine]

Currently my playlist is looking like below:

Primal XXX (Ultrasonic)
Primal XXX (Ultrasonic)
Sex & Seduction (Ultrasonic)
Aura (Ultrasonic)
Primal XXX (Ultrasonic)
Primal XXX (Ultrasonic)
Sex & Seduction (Ultrasonic)
Aura (Ultrasonic)
The Emperor EXTREME (Ultrasonic)
The Emperor EXTREME (Ultrasonic)
The Emperor EXTREME (Ultrasonic)
The Emperor EXTREME (Ultrasonic)
Rebitrh (Ultrasonic)
Rebirth (Ultrasonic)

All playing on Bose Revolve Plus (Full volume on speaker, Full Volume on system, and VLC on 82%)

Is this playlist good ? (I had found this kind of playlist somewhere on our forums, and added The Emperor in)

Am also waiting for Libertine to be released today, so that I can add it too the list too…(Anyone knows what’s happening with Libertine)


Libertine updates here: Main Development Thread - SUBLIMINAL SUPERCHARGER