Some of my two cents for UX (includint wishlist)

Hello. just started using subs here and I would like to suggest my two cents about improving user experience. I am a product manager in IT field so I tend to care about UX when it comes to using new website/app (sort of habit from my job).

I found some people requested about having a wishlist function on the website and I completely agree.
Actually, I really needed it since I’m a newbie and Im not knowledgeable about each product. and like many other people, I have many things to accomplish in my life and wanted to make the best stack to benefit my life most(and sadly I can only choose a maximum of three ZP products for my stack, except the ascension chamber as a booster). I ended up having 20+ tabs on my web browser to compare each one. would have been much easier if i could use a wishlist.

I probably have more than 15 products in my cart to compare every product I’m interested in, only to delete most of them just to proceed with checkout. It’s counter-productive.

And there is no function to select products in my cart. I cannot just proceed to buy 3 products out of 15 products in my cart unless deleting the rest of them. If I’m able to select products from my cart, I can kinda utilize my cart as a wishlist at least. and the ‘x’ icon for deleting products from the cart is on the very left side, I couldn’t recognize it was there at first because usually, the ‘x’ icon is on the very right side for a smooth flow in many websites.

another idea for a wishlist is to be able to make multiple wishlists and share them with other people on the forum. think of this wishlist as a playlist instead, like on youtube or Spotify. you can generate multiple playlists and share them. I have this idea because people are all about discussing stacks and recommendations for specific goals here. for example, I can share my selections for business man, or career success, hitting gym or I can just share stacks that ive built.


  1. need a wishlist function
  2. if there is no wishlist, I wish at least I can select products from the cart.
  3. deleting button ‘x’ on the right side of the cart screen is more intuitive
  4. functions to generate multiple wishlist and share them on the forum. like sharing playlists with Spotify.

I hope this post would be of help and I appreciate all your efforts to make positive impacts on many users’ lives here :slight_smile:


Might be more effective to request it at


Yes, please post this on the roadmap. We will look into this. We originally had wishlist functionality, but it glitched out and we simply haven’t had time to fix it. We’re looking at redoing the entire platform later.


A tangential thought:
It’d be cool if the planned “ultimate programmer” sub improved individual’s skill in all stages of software development (product conception/design to deployment and even monetization (just my opinion)).

I’ve put this thought in the ultimate programmer thread by Lion in roadmap.


Thank you. I didn’t know there is a roadmap webpage that I can use for suggestions.
I moved my post in there.

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Hello @SaintSovereign, I wanted to share some feedback regarding the UP build. It would be greatly appreciated if you could incorporate a broader range of skills into the program. While hardcore programming is important, it would be beneficial to also include training and development in social skills, photographic memory and creativity. These additional skills are crucial in fostering well-rounded professionals who can thrive in diverse and collaborative environments. Thanks in advance.