Some more questions


Is there any difference between the scripts of masked and unmasked subs?
(curious because I noticed that some duration difference between the two)

Also I am working over a project and need to block out all distractions (including my high sex drive) which sub would you recommend?


There’s no difference between the scripts, the only difference is the delivery method.

As for the other question, I love it. My best guesstimate is the business subs are a good bet. So things like Ecstasy of Gold and Mogul.

As for the other subs, it depends on you. In another recent thread, Saint mentioned this:

That could mean that if you run a sub like Ascended Mogul or Emperor and you believe that having your sex drive under control is one of the goals that the sub should work on, then it will.

I know the feeling, I have the sex drive of a teenager. It has never distracted me from my work though. Well, unless a pretty wom…

Sorry, got distracted. :wink:

EDIT: To the best of my knowledge, there should be no duration differences. Length should be identical on both formats.


Isn’t there any business/work oriented supercharger?
Superchargers seem to have faster effect on me.


If you prefer to be employed and rise in your career, then Ascended Mogul is the usual recommendation. It has the right balance between effectiveness and the time it takes to manifest results into your life.

If you would rather forget the concept of employment and become your own boss, then Ecstasy of Gold is your best bet. It takes a bit more patience, since it is a longer program.

Superchargers are meant to shift your state in the moment. They can theoretically be run independently and they may have a lasting effect over time. However, by aligning your conscious and subconscious towards a common purpose, they were designed to increase the effects of full subliminal programs. And because your conscious mind is engaged, it becomes easier to take action supporting the subliminal. Which means that if you do them right, you’ll feel a definite rush.


So, how do one knows when to use masked and when to use unmasked version.


Could you elaborate on the duration differences? Do you mean the length of the track? Or dou mean time in which you see results?


One knows by testing.

Consider these points:

  1. If you use headphones/earphones/earbuds, ultrasonics are risky, it is better to use masked.
  2. In theory, ultrasonics are more powerful since they have only voice and no other sound.
  3. For some people, using masked makes it easier to fall asleep and use while sleeping.
  4. It may not always be wise to expose other people to subliminals, so in those cases headphones/earphones/earbuds are recommended.

Experiment with both. I use ultrasonic during the day, masked at night.


Lenght of track, but I may be wrong


If you have purchased a program from SubClub where there is a distinct difference in running time between the masked and ultrasonic track, you should let us know. The filesizes should be only slightly different (less than a MiB usually), but the track length should be identical.

So if the filesizes are very different, try downloading again. If they are almost identical, try a different player.

If you’ve done those things and you have not altered the tracks (by recompressing them for example), contact SubClub for support. You can also PM me, just understand I will ask a bunch of questions to figure out if I should pass it on to Saint and Fire. They have enough going on.

Do keep in mind that if you bought a sub that contains bonus tracks, those obviously have different length/size.