[Solo]phila's StarkQ


I was trying to play an Emperor and I changed it to StarQ. Because I’m basically introvert, I need extraversion and want to speak words fluently.

i am student. My major is education
Hi everyone, I’ve started starkQ-T .I listened 3-loop today.

Current effect

  1. social butterfly
  2. I want attraction
  3. I’ve gotten cuter in appearance.
  4. more happy and calm
  5. i don’t react very much to anyone who makes me angry
  6. After listening to it, I am a little tired and I am feeling ups and downs.
  7. People attract for me in reality and on the Internet
  8. I quote one by one book phrase that I read during the conversation
  9. I feel like I want to become an actor or entrepreneur
  10. i become extrovert

The core of terminus seems to be at rest. That time is emotionally difficult.

The fewer loop numbers of Terminus will be better for everyday life. Because if you listen too much, you may be able to concentrate only on listening.

The novelty of Subliminal is that the words you choose and the way of thinking change for each product.

I didn’t do sns well, but I’m thinking of starting it

starkq is mostly used as a stack, but I don’t decide now.

The first time I heard it, I didn’t feel it well, but the second time I listened to it and I felt healed quite a bit. third loop smooth.

Sry i change to starkq



today i stack with khanq but tomorrow i return solo starkq-t

Day 02
khanQ st1 * 4
starkQ-T * 2
StarkQ * 4

I played a game with my friends last night.
Today, I woke up and listened to StarkQ-T , read some books, listened to KhanQ, and took a nap.
The number has dropped significantly today and yesterday compared to what I’ve been hearing all day in the past few months. So I had a more comfortable day. I made an account to start Instagram and am thinking about the current topic.

The day i change the subliminal i end up spending my day confused and lazy.
Yesterday was on the side and today it was a little organized.

i change to starkQ. terminus is not good for me.I’m going to listen as many times as possible

People look at me a lot when I go outside. I had a lot of gloomy feelings today. If I had known the subliminal 10 years ago, I think it would have been better.

Even if I don’t do anything, people have been looking for me, and I haven’t had a major positive or negative impact on my life yet.

I’m a very feminine man, but without using the product that made it manly, using Starkq, I’ve become quite feminine.
I’ve gotten a little more feminine in figure.

I didn’t do anything special today. I’m looking for something educational on YouTube.

I’m easily fed up with the entertainment.

One of the advantages of listening a lot is that it’s easy to keep up with the stressful work.

I talked with my friends through a live video. I didn’t do it because of starkq, but I started again these days. I didn’t talk too much, but it was witty.

I thought about what I really like today.

By switching from terminus to Q, the effect immediately increased.


Terminus is supposed to be used after about 6 weeks of normal StarkQ to improve on your results. But you’re free to use it at anytime.

Terminus is very, very, very dense.

Enjoying your results, although if StarkQ isn’t manly enough, you can add AscensionQ.


Thank you. I’m going to have to think about add AscensionQ.

The amount of Terminus is very large, and I felt a little different, so I’ll have to listen to Q for a long time and try again.
I thought would be okay because I listened to it for a long time for other subliminal, but it didn’t.