[SOLO][Hoppa] EmperorQ testing


Slept bad because of the damn clock change… How can one hour change mess things up so badly?
For a few years now it has been affecting me more and more strongly. I guess the age does not come alone…

Anyway, I’m sorely tempted to get StarkQ, which I decide against now.

EmpQ till we get the testing done.


Nothing interesting happened today… Except I manifested somebody to add Google ads etc to my business.

I haven’t had time to do it myself. So adding just remarketing is “easy” money.

This morning I received a call from somebody who has been doing SEO for me. Just a tiny contract which I kept up for the sole reason that this guy is a great informant for me. We have clicked well over business issues, there is an understanding.

Due to this Covid-19 pandemia, he received news on Friday that his office will be closed down and everyone will be laid off. The main business is located in a different country, this is just a small side office.

So I hired him almost on the spot. I get Analytics and Google skills from a guy who I know works hard and improves his skills on his own time, all the time. He also has experience in leading a team, so that’s an added plus. After all, my short term goal is to build a marketing team so that I don’t have to work on it anymore :wink:

All this just little over a week after my flash of insight… Definitely a manifestation.


So I missed the sales goal by about 10k €, which is not much. Covid-19 did throw a curve ball.

And even with the missed goal I sold about 19k more than last month, so shouldn’t be too unhappy about it :smile:

Next months goal is 75k online. It’s a 30 day month, so 2,5k average days.

My team (woohoo) will be adding Google Ads to the mix, but I expect it to take a little bit of time before it kicks into full gear. Most likely it will be adding a little bit to the daily sales on second part of the month.

Of course, if we go to full lockdown it might be difficult to reach the goal, but no point in worrying about that yet. I’ve prepared the backup funding if that happens.

I read through the StarkQ sales page. Everything else clicked well, except the fame part. That gave me (and still gives when I think about it) a really strong feeling of anxiety. Like there’s a pressure under solar plexus. Definitely outside of my comfort zone.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m really introverted. It’s a weakness I want overcome. That’s why I have decided that the next sub I will run will be StarkQ, most likely with name embedding.

But I will keep running the EmpQ test till the end, before I switch.