[Hoppa] Switched to StarkQ


Hi everyone!

A little bit of background:

I’ve been running SubClub subs for a while now. The sub I run before I took a break for a couple of months was EoG.

I did a month of each stage.

What I got out of it:
Last fiscal year (ended yesterday) my family business grew a measly 65%.
Sure, it was growing before I started EoG, but the pace raised substantially when I was listening to it.

I manifested a highly experienced mentor from a different field, who has worked on top management level in some businesses that are several billion USD in worth. He has helped them to enter new regions etc.

Why I said manifested and why I’m sure it was because of EoG: He called me, I did not try to look for any mentor, it just happened. A freaking miracle :smiley:

And now we are on a pace to grow to 7 figures this year.

I’m located in a small Northern European country and my goal is to get proper funding for starting exporting for the products we manufacture.

I took a break from subs because I had just a feeling that I needed a break. Like my subconscious was trying to tell me to slow down a bit for a while.

Have to go now, hopefully I have something to report soon.



Wow bro! You didn’t journal your EOG progress ?


No, unfortunately not.

The thing is, I did not notice anything apart from the manifestation.

That is until I stopped listening.

A couple of weeks later it just popped into my mind that I’m not nearly as productive since I stopped.
But I still felt a lot of resistance to starting again and Xmas was coming so decided to wait past it. Then I just somehow forgot it all.

i was wondering which one I should start listening to and then here comes the EmperorQ testing, so why not xD.

I read from somewhere else that should do a hand written journal for the subconcscious to boost the effects of subliminals and other mental techniques. And I’ve been feeling a bit quilty about not doing it.

It’s just that I seem to procrastinate about these things a lot. Just running a sub in the background is easy, so that’s what I did. But now I need to change this bad habit of mine.


It’s never too late! Welcome Aboard!



Oh, when I was listening to EoG i used the masked tracks. I had it running in the background evening/ when I was sleeping.

I have a family, wife and a 2 year old. They went to China for a few months to visit her parents. This gave me the opportunity to listen to the subs on my “free time” (anyone running a business knows what free time means:)).
Unfortunately, they are still stuck there because of the corona virus. They are safe and sound, not in Hubei province. I was highly stressed about it for a while, but that has eased now.

The good thing is that it allows me to run the subliminals continuously.


My biggest obstacle is procrastination.

Everything feels like a struggle, all the time. Sure, the business is growing at a rapid pace. But I don’t get any enjoyment out of my work.

I do feel slightly burned out. And I’m definitely in need of a vacation. But no rest for the wicked, I need to push forward till I get the next level of funding. At that point I can afford to build a bigger team which will allow me to concentrate on the big picture stuff, not just on the daily grind.

I have started building the team already, but I’m not able to hand out most of the tasks yet.

I know the problem is between my own ears. I’ve been struggling with it for decades now.
The EoG helped me to keep on going and pushing through obstacles.


You spoke my mind here.

Would you mind sharing some EOG experience please?


I think it helped me to get rid of many limiting beliefs.

Like: Size of my local market is small. Helped me to realize that I only need 50k returning customers to grow to get to 2-3 million in yearly sales. We produce physical products and our customers seem to really like us and our products.

FB tarketing is really limited here with the interests. I’ve managed to get past that by using Lookalike audiences.

We used to get best sales out of email, but now I’ve scaled FB ads to 2,5k+ daily sales.
Just a year ago I thought a little bit over 1k/day would be the limit. Just this past week I did one day 4,3k on FB.

Stuff like that.


Wow wow wow… All of this came as intuition? Like the things to do to take it where you have?

Pls. Don’t get annoyed by my repeated questions. I’m on EOG to rescue my struggling family business, needed some concrete EOG journals to see their story.


Ask away :slight_smile:

Of course I have been “studying” all kinds of marketing/systems/whatever related to running a business. But I do trust my intuition in which direction I should point my studies.

Learn marketing/copywriting fundamentals, find out who your core customers are. Try to build systems that make the business do the work for you while you concentrate on building more profitable systems. Hire someone to do the menial tasks for the same reason.


@Hoppa Some amazing results with EOG!

That happens when you don’t journal. You transition to this new you so smoothly that you forget that the past has been different. I did the same mistake in the beginning. Now I am journaling more frequently and I feel the effects much stronger (I also do think I get better results now as I can reflect on my past experiences, the good and the bad).

It seems like you a very busy and this is the biggest reason why you did not keep up with a journal.

What I can recommend is try recording yourself. It just takes 10 mins and talk about your daily unfiltered. Maybe summarize the said which takes like 5 mins.


Yes – one of the most annoying things we have to deal with is people refunding a week after purchase and claiming “they didn’t notice anything,” or “didn’t receive any upgrades.” Then, we’ll blacklist them in response (since fast refunds is indicative of serial refunders), they’ll keep running the sub and journaling, then realize they WERE getting results and will start begging to get off the blacklist.

People have a tendency to hand wave away any results as “placebo,” or “I could’ve done it myself,” etc. Always journal – online or offline. It does help you understand what’s happening.


It was after I stopped listening when I noticed that it had clearly made me more productive.

Anyway, time to learn from the mistakes and do the journaling :smile:


I’ve now done 2,5 days worth of listening to the 1h masked file.
I do the set it and forget method. I should be getting around 16+h of listening time daily. I keep it running when I sleep.

What I have noticed:

I go to bed earlier and have very vivid dreams. This morning I also woke up earlier, and also got up from bed faster. Also, shortened my morning “routine”/wasting time period considerably. Instead I took a quick shower and came to write this journal.

I do wake up a couple of times /night because I’m thirsty. I’m also thirsty in the morning. This is a clear change compared to before. Maybe my brain needs more hydration because of the sub?

That’s it for now.

On the business front progress is good. Since the beginning of the month I’m averaging 3660€/day on FB ads. Kind of crazy… The goal for this month is to average 2500€/day for the whole month, so I’m well beyond the target. Of course, FB is a fickle beast, and it might drop quickly. And I haven’t done a 2,5k average day month before. That’s why the goal sounds so low.



Yes, I noticed I need to drink more water on subs. But water is healthy, so it’s a positive in my mind.

Check whether you received a hotfix, if yours is one of the files that needed to be fixed. EmperorQa 1.5


Yes, I received the Hotfix. Thanks.


I’ve been a little over a day now on the EmperorQa 1.5.

Wednesdays really mess up my week, as we have practice late in the evening and I get back home around midnight. I coach 8v8 american football on college level. I’m an offensive coordinator. It always keeps me up late (around 2am) because I keep running the plays in my head.

For a long time I have had some control over my dreams. Mainly I can stop nightmares from occuring. Either I change the direction of the dream or I force myself to wake up. I do not remember that much about my dreams, though.

Last night I woke up maybe after an hour. I remember I felt anxious and I tried to change the dream, but then I was forced to wake myself. For a few minutes I felt a bit anxious (and thirsty, still not enough water before sleep). After drinking a bit I fell asleep easily, no nightmares or anxiousness this time.

Later I again woke up because I was thirsty. On EmpQ I seem to wake up twice just to drink more, even if I had a big glass of water just before going to sleep.

Daytime I was really tired, but that’s normal for me on Thursdays because of the practice the night before.

Tonight I’ll drink 2 glasses of water before sleep. Let’s see if I still need to drink during the night.


Oh, forgot to mention one thing.

I guess the EmpQ is making me a bit cocky…

For some reason some local delegate (don’t know the correct vocabulary) consisting of the “mayor” and local business men/women had a meeting at our factory.

As everyone was introducing themselves, my sister introduced herself as the CEO (true, as I didn’t want to be one… too many menial tasks for my taste). I was the last one and just introduced myself with these words: “I’m the brains of this business.” Got a nice reaction out of everyone :wink:


I haven’t personally noticed the need to wake up in order to drink, whether on Emperor v4 or EmperorQ.

Is this something new you noticed and never happened before beginning EmperorQ?

I like this one! Seeing their reaction must have been funny! :smile:


Not this extreme, sometimes I do get up once a night.

Regarding the brains comment…

I used to be extremely shy when young. So shy actually, that I was afraid to talk to the cashier in any store.

I’ve worked hard through the years to overcome that. Still, in a situation where there are lots of people I don’t know I usually keep silent and let everyone else do the talking. Today I did not feel self concious at all in front of all these people.

Might be partly because of the results I’ve had lately in business, but I still feel I would not normally had said anything like that.