[Solo]EmperorQ experience


I have been using Emperor Q version for 7 days now.(5-6 hours a day)
Just after 3 days of listening ,I started feeling quite motivated and productive(stopped wasting my time on playing games or just scrolling through the social media).
I actually started studying for my papers and even working out regularly.
But today on day 8, I’ve been feeling quite tired with a mild headache and having an urge to change the subliminal.
I read about reconciliation on this forum and I think I will still continue listening to Emperor and see what happens.


If some Advil makes the headache go away, then you’re probably fine. If the pain continues, I highly recommend taking a day off and consider dropping your listening time per day.

Maybe take a day off and go back to your 5-6 hrs a day. If the pain comes back, cut your listening time in half and SLOWLY add time over a few weeks until you figure out where your tolerance is.



That’s awesome your experiencing positive results. I’ve noticed an improvement in my discipline and using time productively on EmperorQ. It’s still inconsistent thought.

Do you notice any other effects of the sub so far, confidence, big picture thinking, dominance, masculinity, attraction, respect etc?

Also did you have any experience with EmperorV4 and if so what are you experiencing as the differences?


This is TEXTBOOK reconciliation.


I don’t know about attraction or respect since I can’t go out due to the lockdown but I do sometimes feel a surge in my self esteem.
And I don’t have any experience with emperor v4 since I am new to subliminals and Emperor Q is my first subliminal.


Day 9

It was quite a lazy day for me ,felt sleepy all the time but still forced myself to study for a few hours .
Got angry when anyone made the slightest mistake or tried to behave in a sarcastic manner with me.
I started doubting my decision of pursuing a course in the field of finance.
The headache that I had yesterday is completely gone.
And listened to emperorQ for 4 hours.
And I read about Textbook Reconciliation on the forum @SaintSovereign thank u for telling me about it.


EmperorQ is definately working.

When I run Emperor(all versions) there are periods where I become incredibly annoyed easily if anyone distracts me or disrespects me, this was partly before also due the fact Emperor cut my sleep off with 1.5 H (no matter what I did). Which made me groggy, ofcourse.

It is part of the reconciliation, I feel like it is because we trying to set new standards for ourselves but we are not that person yet, completely.


Day 10
I’ve somehow started enjoying studying and working out ,don’t feel like playing games or wasting my time at all.
However whenever anyone tries to disturb me I get furious even if it’s a family member asking for some help or a friend calling me to ask about my wellbeing.
Could listen to the subliminal for only 3 hours.


same…easily become protective of my time and attention


What I did to help with interruptions is I’d block of FOCUS time and put a sign on my home office door and taught my family that if that sign is up I’m focused on my work and to only interrupt if it’s very important. Otherwise, at the end of my focus time (for me it was 45 minute blocks), I promised to open the door and take the sign down so they could get all their interruptions done at once. Then the sign goes back up for another session.

Took some reinforcement, but it ended up working great.


Day 11
Workouts have suddenly become quite easy and I am able to devote more and more time towards my goals.
@Kaprice thanks for the advice I put the sign of do not disturb on my door and told my family about it. It worked and no one disturbed me when I was studying.


Couldn’t update day 12,13 since I am suffering from stomach infection.
But I still am listening to emperor nothing new or maybe I can’t tell the difference since I am not able to focus on my work or anything due to the constant stomachache.


Day 15
Had a dream last night where the people who used to bully me during school time had again entered my life and everything has turned to hell.
They were back to their ways of disturbing me and making fun of me.
I got full of rage and maybe because of this extreme anger I woke up and couldn’t see the end but somehow manged to remember the dream.

The day went by normally, except for the fact that sometimes I am having doubts whether Emperor is the right choice for me or not.


Day 22
Somehow my thoughts regarding most of the things in my life have changed , earlier I used to think only about the chances of failure in everything that I will loose there’s no point of working hard but now all of these thoughts have been replaced by positive thinking like I can and will do it. I still sometimes think about chances of failure but I am able to easily brush them off.


Day 28
A week ago I entered a national level business plan competition with a few of my friends, came up with an idea and prepared the presentation and I don’t know how but we won ,I thought my business idea wasn’t good enough but it got selected and stood first.
I had my doubts regarding subliminals but EmperorQ is literally changing my life.


Very happy to see it working for you!