[SOLO] Emperor Q: into the rabbit hole we go ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



I’ve used subliminalclub products in the past but have never publically posted my journals. Though that changes with this test product (;

I’ll update frequently, mainly when there’s interesting things to report.

So this is my “Day 1” posting. I don’t have much time left in my day so I’m only going to be getting 1 - 3 loops in, but I’m only halfway through the first loop as I type this and some interesting occurrences have… occurred

First is energy in my lower stomach. It got quite warm there as if I were doing work in my lower tan tien. Found that pretty interesting. I also felt some minor warmth in my solar plexus area.

Next is a killer headache and dizziness yet a cool sensation as well. I’m a little dehydrated right now which may explain the headache (definitely need to get my fill of water after posting this) but the cool, tingly sensation is interesting. I usually only get it when bringing in energy through my crown.

And finally my heart rate is a bit higher than usual. Unsure if that’s due to the processing power or not.

Now something interesting…

I won’t be reading anyone else’s journals for the duration of my testing phase.

I don’t want to prime myself for certain effects. I want to go into this blindly, and experience it as it comes.

Looking forward to updating this, and best of luck to everyone else who’s partaking in this experiment