Social King with Khan


What stages is Social King appropriate for? My guess would be Khan ST2 and ST3. How many hours would Social King need per day?


If I’m not mistaken, Social King is the ultrasonic addition to the True Social supercharger.

Many will tell you you can run it during all stages. I myself always advocate running ST1 on its own. So your idea of starting with ST2 is what I would do.

As it is a supercharger/stacking module, there’s not really a recommendation when it comes to the amount of hours to run it. You could treat it like a supercharger and do only one or two loops in the morning and/or evening. Or you could go the stacking module route and stack it onto Khan.

Since Khan already contains good social scripting (taken from DareDevil), I question if you need a lot of Social King though.


I was curious as to what I could do with Social King as it came with True Social which wasn’t expected. As I already have plans to use True Social regularly starting with stage 2, perhaps Social King is altogether not needed.


I sometimes use it when I meditate with a supercharger, to “extend” the supercharger.


I would recommend to leave it for now and see how social you get by just using Khan ST2-4. Then start with the superchargers to enhance those effects till your liking. If this is still not enough (which I highly doubt, as Daredevil is already included in Khan and the supercharges it even more), you can always just add it.

Social King was, in the first place, created to act against the cold-hearted Emperor, not the warm and social Khan. With subliminal club the choice is always yours, but as I said there is a high chance you don’t need it.


Social King was really for Emperor?


They had that in mind while creating Social King for sure. But don’t limit it‘s use only for Emperor. Limitless / Primal etc + Social King would be a good stack too.
My point was that a subliminal like Khan + supercharger use probably has enough social scripting, and he should try that first before adding it.