Social anxiety, which modules can help in a custom?


In your experience which modules can help with reducing social anxiety in crowded environments? Reduce mental chatter, being self-conscious, keep good posture, keep eye contact, feel good with all eyes on me.


One that came to mind for me personally was Inner Voice to help with the social anxiety. I’m using it in my AI custom and honestly thinking super positive (I also have Chosen Core tho), my self talk is a lot more positive.


Interesting you say in crowded environments, specifically? What do you think is going on there that’s causing social anxiety? Safety concerns? Or… since you mentioned posture, would it be more about worrying about what people are thinking about you, and if so, how does that work?

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Agree with Brandon regarding this. Awesome module that generated positive self-talk through the day.

Other modules that will fulfill your requirements are:

  • Stress Displacement
  • Psyche Restoration
  • Rogue
  • Total Nonchalance
  • Lion IV
  • Stonelike
  • Foundation
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Iron Frame
  • Steadfast
  • Untouchable
  • Vortexdive Crucible
  • Negative Energy Transmutation
  • Negativity Displacer
  • Eyes of Zenith
  • The Aligner
  • Elegance
  • Alpha Body Language

Read through the descriptions of each and use the ones that fulfill your needs.


Nah just started going out solo and I found out it is much more difficult than with my crew and I get the above mentioned symptoms. I can work myself in a social setting (after work, speed dating events, networking events, clubs) if there is maybe 10 people, but above that I get quite anxious. Sometimes, if I get some drinks it is okay but I want to tackle it sober. It is not a big deal. Just want to tackle it with a module in my LB custom.

I considered Rogue and Lion IV. Rogue seems to be not caring about what people SAY, I want to not care about anyone and do my thing. Lion IV, seems to be great in 1 on 1, not sure in a social setting. Stonelike seems nice but maybe passive? I am open to what you think.

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Oh, you’re talking about pick up and seduction. Gotcha

And just to be clear you want to go out and actively approach women in large groups? So is the fear possibly that SO many other people will be watching you approach? (There’s a theory that we have a fear of getting rejected in front of a large group of people… not to mention that in a large group, perhaps someone could come and get mad that you’re approaching that person… again that’s a subconscious fear)

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Sorry no just social settings. Not particularly women. Just people in general, can be women can be men. I am not talking about seduction.

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It is not really about approach. I dont know. It is just hanging solo in a social environment where there are lots of people. If you are with friends it is alright, but by myself I get self conscious that’s it.
Not sure how to explain better.

When I am solo I have this feeling there is this where so many people are watching me but there is not really a context of approach and seduction of women.

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Okay, gotcha. So what’s the goal? At the end of the night, when you go out, by yourself, to large groups, what are you mainly hoping to accomplish? Is there two separate goals? One is for dating (confidence at speed dating events, clubs, etc.) and another one is for general socializing/network building (confidence at networking events, work conversations, random street interactions, etc?)

What’s the core of your custom, btw?

What major programs have you run for 3+ cycles?

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Emotional Healing

  1. Major Title Core
  2. Attachment Destroyer
  3. xxx
  4. Divine Self Image
  5. Stonelike (not too passive… the body clams up intensely in direct response to threatening “others”)
  6. I AM
  7. Inner Voice
  8. Safety Net
  9. You Are Not Alone (Manifest Friendships - the goal of socializing in large groups)


  1. Approachability Aura
  2. Dominion (good to throw in a results enhancer/manifester, but this one is great for confidence too)
  3. Fenrir
  4. Lion IV
  5. Total Nonchalance

Out of those, I’d say the best, given our conversation, would be Stonelike, You Are Not Alone, Inner Voice, Safety Net, Lion IV, and Total Nonchalance

The best best best would be You Are Not Alone, Stonelike, and Inner Voice

But tbh man the moment I finished looking those up I thought to myself… why the heck am I doing this he just needs to run True Social, doh! why didn’t I think of that sooner


That’s true. True Social Core would be good for this custom too.

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I have this fear. How do I deal with this?

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Run True Social + Dragon Reborn: Limit Destroyer.



Eradication of social anxiety and approach anxiety in particular (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction).


Thanks guys, I know majors like True Social or Primal are good for being more social but I prefer to tackle this with module. Being more social per se is not my goal. My goal is stretching my social anxiety. The custom core is Love Bomb, so It would be redundant with Inner Voice. I will look for reviews of Stonelike, Lion IV, Rogue. :wink:
Mine is not as extreme but it give some perspective

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@Martin : What do you do professionally, if you don’t mind saying?

No one mentioned Daredevil?