Social Actions to Take During Quarantine?


This question is especially for everyone who’s running a social-focused sub. What actions are you taking that’s socially based and ties in with your subliminal during this quarantine?

I hope I don’t have to switch out of Khan due to the quarantine :stuck_out_tongue:


LinkedIn, WhatsApp, emails, phone calls, Zoom and FaceTime.


Do you live alone @SubliminalUser ?


You could always find a facebook group chat or go on a dating site to just meet people or talk to people. I know bumble has like 3 tiers to there app.


I’d just practice texting with girls or people in general.
If it wasn’t for my current goals, this is what I’d be doing now.


not doing anything social, introspection. my programs are EMPQ, GLMQ and SANGUINEQ