So when are the new subs coming out?


Also, which subs are they?


Are you an addict?
You sound like one :wink:

Honestly, what Subs do we still need almost everything has been covered one way or another:P


Wait till something new come up
Before PCC , I never imagined that there would be sub like that


maybe a little lol. quantum limitless and the emperor supercharger.


Inner Circle, which is mysteriously delayed and could drop any moment like bird poop on an expensive suit while on the way to an career-changing meeting (the suit, not the bird, since the latter has no career prospects).

Mind’s Eye, which is moving again. Delay would likely depend on how long it takes/took Saint to design a new exercise progression and sexy girl to do the voice-acting.

Quantum Limitless, which was planned for the end of the month but may also be mysteriously delayed.

No idea about release dates anymore. Other programs like Emperor Fitness have no release date indication yet.


Is quantum limitless supposed to be an updated version of limitless?


In a way. It’s a multi-stage upgraded Limitless. New product, new purchase. In case that’s why you asked.