Slow Down and Breathe


We’ve barely gotten into Q and already we are on Ultima, in another 2 months it will be Ultima QX.
Most people are interested in 3 things, Wealth, Power and Love.
Let’s just focus on manifesting these as powerfully and quickly as possible within existing titles and all will be well with your sales and marketing.
Trust the process.


Thanks for the reminder. People’s shiny object syndromes are being taken to the next level


Don’t forget terminus came right after Q then T2 then Ultima am I missing one since March ?


Nope. That’s about it.


Well, they launched the customs website as well…not a built method, but it’d consider that another innovation for sure


Yea for sure it definitely counts so lots of things are happening in a short time


Saint and Fire, don’t listen to that guy, please. :smiley: