Sleeping with phone vs bluetooth headphones and masked vs ultrasonics


All yall would know better than me so im asking which is best for listening while asleep my phones speaker or my bluetooth headphones im scared of risking damage to my hearing? And which would be best to listen with masked or ultrasonic? Day wise i plan on masked as much as i can and switch to ultrasonic when i cant.


I know you will get results from either. I used to sleep with ultra in headphones but stopped. For me on the lowest volume on my phone I would hear a high pitch sinewave type sound so @SaintSovereign advised me not to do that. Since I have my family I need to use headphones when I sleep so I use masked. In the daytime I use ultras.

I use my phone for both. Wired headphones when I sleep, and a Bluetooth neckband that has speakers on it for ultras.


Sleeping with masked can be hit and miss as if too loud it might affect your sleep . Ultra is fine as i play through my phone and leave on loop all night .
If out in the day i play masked using headphones , at work on 12 hour shifts i play ultrasonic via phone .