Sleeping like a log on Q


Who else has been sleeping like a log since running Q? I’m running EmpQ and Godlike Masculinity Q. One thing I can say is that sleep has not been an issue. Sometimes, I even feel the need to take a nap in the middle of the day.


Yep! Same here! I have been going to bed at 10am, falling asleep within 15 minutes and sleeping to 7am everyday for the last 3 weeks while running Q.


Currently on Regeneration Q, deep sleep also. Now with the lockdown I can now wake up 1-2 hours later than before. Reminds me of the sleep you can get on Emperor v4.


Wow! You sleep 21 hours a day? :wink:


I’m wondering if it is because of Deep Rich Sleep module included in some of the scripting or if it because Q is so dense that the subconscious needs longer and deeper sleep to process it.


Might be both. Q is very powerful indeed, actually a few days ago it was the first time I got a headache from running SubClub’s products. So I do believe in that.

And the Deep Rich Sleep module, it could also be it. Who can deny sweet, deep sleep? So I don’t see a problem including the module in almost every program. Good sleep helps in everything.

Personally, a month ago I got a new mattress, mix that with the module and oh man.


Haha ohh yes. When I don’t set an alarm I can easily sleep 10 hours. Partly because my dreams are just so intense and exciting :smirk: that I desire to continue them.

However, I would not say this effect is much stronger on Q subs than on Khan St4 (before Q) for example.


Yes! I’ve stopped playing it whilst sleeping and I’m having the best sleep on Q. I wasn’t on the normal subs like Emperor etc but I’m having great sleep during this. Probably a mixture of Q and stopping playing during the night.


My sleep is always good so I can’t tell any changes in quality of sleep but my dreams are fucking crazy, so intense that I never forget them and can’t help but constantly think of them throughout the day, I just wish I could lucid dream.


same here, i slept for 10 hours straight…

what does this imply?


@SaintSovereign : Any insights on this?


Yeah – this is a common occurrence when you first start a powerful subliminal. It’s a form of overload. Your mind processes experiences and information when you sleep. Too much information = overload, and you’ll have to sleep to process it.


@SaintSovereign how long would this last? as in days?


No way of telling. If it’s causing disruptions, cut back on the number of loops / take more rest days. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking rest days as long as you’re being consistent. For example, if you run your stack every other day with rest days in-between, you’re good.


@SaintSovereign if im am runining empq + glmq + sanguineq. should i cut on all programs and stop totally for a day or reduce just the major module?


You just nailed why I have been so tired as of late


There are some important factors to be aware of here. First of all, our solar system, including our planet is lately going through some intense energetic shifts. Tiredness, impulsiveness, anger, moving into old states of being and many more factors are the result of this. Whatever happens in the macrocosm, manifests itself into the microcosm.

Our planet is cleansing and clearing all of the old 3-Dimensional energies and thus we ourselves the living beings on the surface are going through the exact same energetic changes. Subliminal Club releasing Q, exactly at this point in time is no coincidence either. Where do though patterns and ideas come from, where does the energy to work on a certain project come from? All of us are fractals of the whole, and all of us serve the greater purpose someway or another.

Now, when a physical body is changing and shifting it requires sleep because it is when we sleep that the restoration processes start to happen. Our physical, mental and emotional bodies are shifting and changing like never before. Increasingly vivid dreams, having long deep sleep and not waking up feeling restored, negative or positive emotions surfacing out of nowhere are some of the effects one may notice. The whole entire world is currently going through this.

Our universe would of never allowed this pandemic if it didn’t have a positive outcome to it. Is it a coincidence that the whole deep state is being uncovered while we’re safely cleansing, shifting and clearing old emotions, paradigms and ways of being inside of our homes? Not at all. This is just an orchestration of a bigger picture.

My point is that whether or not you’re running a heavy subliminal stack right now, sleep is an important and beneficial activity right now. Our world has never seen such a quote on quote strange events happen that we know of but let me tell you this is merely a fraction of what is about to unfold. So if you’re sleeping long lights, of course the Q updates are without a doubt an cause of that but it also worthwhile mentioning that our physical vessels our begging us for sleep right now nonetheless.

Please allow your body to rest, especially whilst running these extremely powerful and effective Q subliminal’s. Reprogramming the unconscious is really a powerful thing to do, especially now with all of the negative programming they throw at us from all directions. Protect and empower yourself.


Has anyone else been experiencing sleepiness and/or tiredness in the middle of the day, since running Q subs?
I barely run 3 loops of Emp Q in the morning but for the rest of the day I feel tired. To the point that many times I just fall asleep in my chair in front of the computer or I need to take a nap in the afternoon. Hasn’t happened to me with any other sub before Q.
sometimes if I run Q sub at night even though I get 8 hours of sleep I still wake up tired.
Right now my stack is Emp Q (3 loops), GLM Q (1 loop) and LD Q (1 loop).


Personally I don’t why I get motivated, focuses and I feel awake when I listen to starkQ. Keep it in mind I listened to it 16+ hours a day on speak ultrasonic version. I believe everyone is different and as I said to someone else the thing your experiencing could mean two things either **1:**you need to rest or you’re listening to the sub too much or either 2 which a lot of people don’t talk about: it’s a sign that the subliminal is in fact working and it’s telling you to start working on your goals because now you have the power to do so if that makes sense.


My limit for proper processing of EQ is 1.5 to 2 hours.
More than that at a time, makes my brain feel overloaded.

So, if I was running your stack, I’d break it in 2 play times.

1.5 Hour playlists
Morning = Emp Q x 1, GLM Q x 1
Evening = Emp Q x 1, LD Q x 1
2 Hour playlists
Morning = Emp Q x 2 loops
Evening = Emp Q x 1, GLM Q x 1, LD Q x 1

Try and see if that removes daytime sleepiness for you. :+1:t2: