Single / Multi ideas before automation launch


Same as above but applied to Q custom modules as well. This would be important if one were to build a light T^2 custom.


If you own Aura, be able to purchase a Q module aura as a variant. This would allow Aura to compete with Minds Eye as a manifestation/results enhancer.

As well, it is a better solution then building a custom with all the auras in one.


Similar to the single title use article, but to display a manifestation timeline on each product (And/or module). This is already done for alot of the physical change modules. The format would be something simple like, sub takes one year to fully manifest, timeline is 50% at 2-4 weeks, 90% - 3 months, 99% - 1 year. Also at each “milestone”, a recommendation to enhance said loa/manifestation. Even at one year usage, there should be some sort of resource for someone to use to make sure we know we are at 99% and not pretending to be at 100%. Not wanting to rely on I started here, and my end result is much better. Why this matters? What if the scripting in HOM for stock trading is wasting my time, but I continue to attempt to integrate the script? It might be good to know this.

This has some overlap with the module informaticon, but sometimes our unconscious can deceive us if it doesn’t have enough rapport/information/will. Insight makes walls visible and to know how, what is needed to climb these barriers, and that it is possible and if we should even try.