Simple Double Stack w/Cheddar (Mogul + S&S w/Beyond Limitless topping) - A Dilettante's Journal


dilettante - one who dabbles in everything but is never goes too deeply into anything; dilettante applies to the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

I wont be updating this everyday, just every week summing up my thoughts.
In order to succeed in doing this run, i am making this as simple as possible.

My stack is very simple.

masked Beyond Limitless x3 (perfect timing for my 30 min train ride to work)
masked Mogul x4 (matches up with my day since I need to be awake)

masked Beyond Limitless x3 (perfect to wind down and get ready for bed)
masked S/S v2 x4 (matches up with night since I need to sleep & S/S has rich deep sleep)

Apple i-music played through Airpods

My run time plan will be between 12 to 25 weeks. I will take a break on week 12 and I will see if there’s a bloom effect to observe. I will begin week 13 on break & if warranted I will start running through the playlist on week 14 again through to week 25.

Playlist method is run through the playlist till finished, if interrupted - pick up from where left off.

My goals are very simple: manifest a girlfriend who can someday become a worthy wife & have enough money to never be an employee again - owning assets that pay me instead (my money works hard for me robert kiyosaki-style etc).

To see if I have achieved my goal, i will ask 2 simple questions at end of week 12 & week 25:
a) do I have enough money to quit my job and never look for another job forever?
b) am I currently seeing a girlfriend who has wifey material?

if either one of those answers is true, then mission complete and sub run is a success.


Beyond Limitless is a guided meditation / hypnosis / companion track to Limitless, the learning and productivity subliminal.

PM me if you meant to get Limitless instead of Beyond.