Silent track audio


Anyone using silent track audio in your playlist…
I found that it helps with processing of script.
Anyone else had the same experience?
Share your experiences…


I have not, but I have listened to other forms of music or even just pausing the track for 10-15 minutes before re-starting my stack.

I do find a difference when I do that as compared to listening to 3 Q subs for 3 hours straight.


So a silent track is just like a pause in the playlist?


To me yes. Silent tracks contain no information within it, same as pausing all subs.


I used silent tracks in the past when I was creating a playlist. When I worked without playlist I just set a timer for one hour and listened to it again.


Its like eating 6 meals a day, keeps your energy more stable :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d have to agree with @Sirchiropractixalot. Silent tracks are just pauses in between. And yes, with Q/T/T2, it seems better having pauses for me.


Anyone can point to a place where I can download a silent track? I tried to download from github but it was way confusing and I couldn’t figure it out. Spitting out some error message (file is less/more than 10mb or something like that).

Creating a silent track is an option. Anyone know any reliable tutorial link that gives instructions that they found helpful? Possibly using Android.

Or an easier way to download said silent track.


If you have access to a really quiet room, why not use your phone record’s voice record function and leave it there for 10+ minutes? Then go to VLC and trim off the parts that might contain some noise.


@Sirchiropractixalot - that’s a cool idea. Will try that.


What I like about doing it like this, is that you know for sure it’s silent and nothing shady put in the background :+1:


Was about to suggest something complex as using Audacity. But yeah, that is way simpler.


I will try the method myself, recording a 15 minute blank audio. Will report back if it works.


Silent track is only useful for the Set & Forget method, otherwise you can easily just take breaks in between listening.

Ever since Q was released I’ve been taking long breaks in between each listen to accumulate and process the scripting, I can literally feel it processing after each listen. I’d advise anyone to take breaks in between listening to ease reconciliation or even overloading as many are experiencing headaches and tiredness.


Remember to drink water. Water goes a long way in helping with the subliminals. Water is essential and helps the body process things on all levels.


There’s enough ste-by-steps for Audacity out there. Or if you record on a computer, just unplug the mic and then press record. Without a mic, total silence ensues.

Or just go here, seems to have one for everybody:


Actually, what I think I’d like even more than a silent track is an exact copy of the water sounds @SaintSovereign uses in his masks. So, just the water w/o the subliminals.

I’d never consciously know when I’m hearing subliminals and when I’m hearing just water. And I find I work better with the water sounds the subliminals provide. So, I’d get to stay productive due to water but also give my brain time to process and integrate.


Yes. I had mentioned s similar idea somewhere on the board. It would be important that the masking sound be volume matched to the masking on the subliminal tracks.


Yes, agreed. Match volume. Very important.


@dorfmeister, @Kaprice - did think of this too but didn’t want to bother Subclub with this request. If they do make one, it would be real cool especially with same volume of the water sounds.

Meanwhile I used a random youtube to mp3 website to download the following: