Silent Subliminals

There are a lot of sites which makes subliminals with no sound/background music and the affirmations are encoded in high frequencies like Ultrasonics.
With Silent subliminals you would avoid harming your ears.
Haven’t you tried use this technology or you think
could be effective?

Ultrasonic is what can cause harm to your ears. Listening to masked version cannot, except if you set the volume of a big sound system at high levels and put your ears next to the speakers.


Aren’t all “silent” subliminals using ultrasonic technology?

@dorfmeister I would think so

Unless a company is just scamming people and literally selling silence, all “silent” subliminals are ultrasonic. If they are being presented as safe for listening without any providing warnings/precautions about volume and ear damage, then they are being negligent.

I can listen to the Ultima subs without any issues (so far), but a regular ultrasonic sub gives me a splitting headache within minutes. I also have weirdly sensitive hearing, and also experience constant tinnitus, so maybe I’m just unique. Personally I’ll go with a masked subliminal any day over an unknown “silent” one.


I have some programs to create subliminals, wich I bought some years ago which let you make silent sublimins
Silent subliminals have the affirmations encoded in high frequencies (15-20 khz) and can have background sounds or not)
They are not ultrasonic but I don’t know if they are really effective.
I haven’t used a lot.

If they are silent it means you can’t consiously hear them. Even if the frequency range is not totally “ultrasonic” it’s all the same principle.

The reason we say ultrasonic can damage your hearing is because since you can’t “hear” the volume, you might put it too loud, which would damage your ear. It goes the same witg silent subliminals :wink:

SC’s ultra tracks are around the 17khz range.

Not true, they can still damage your hearing if played too loud.

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First of all, real ultrasonic (according to wikipedia), has a frequency greater than 20kHz. The problem with that is that most available audio equipment (speakers, earphones etc) run up to 20kHz. Playing real ultrasonic over those would cause a lot of clipping.

Now, as to the process by which one can make silent/ultrasonic subs is best not discussed in this forum.

I think I know which software you are talking about. I bought the same before joining S.C. I think they must be ultrasonic as well because I just checked one of the files I did with FrequenSee and it hovered just under 20kHz

By the way, in terms of effectiveness I’d worry more about the actual scripting than the frequencies. That’s why I don’t use that software. I believe it takes an actual expert to develop scripts that work. At least to the same level SC’s subs do

None of my two softwares are ultrasonic because I don’t feel that feeling in my ear.
And they have encoded the affirmations in high frequencies because I checked with a spectogram tool.

You can see the audio spectrum of a subliminal at