Signs of resistance?


Hey all,

So this is my 5th day on S&S and Seductive. I am definitely feeling more confident and feel like I look more attractive and have gotten some pleasant feedback.

So there is this one girl that I am interested in dating or perhaps just being friends with benefits would be a better way to put it. She used to be a “subordinate” where I worked and there was lots of flirting and mutual attraction but I couldn’t do much. Now that she’s no longer there, I can pursue her. With that said, I have kept in touch with her since (we are friends) here and there and hung out with her a couple of weeks ago (with another mutual friend) and so I couldn’t really do heavy flirting. Anyhow, I reached out to her today (nothing sexual) because I wanted to see if she wanted to be a part of this coaching thing that I need to do as a part of my training. She was acting strange from the moment she answered the phone. Then she said why do I sound like that? I said sound like? There was nothing different in my tone at all than before, then she proceeds to tell me that I sound uncomfortable or that I have some anterior motive and then tells me she’ll call me later. Well, I’m certainly not reaching out to her, she can call me.

She has NEVER behaved this way with me at all. I know there could be many variables in her behavior or perhaps she may sense something else. What I am curious to know if subliminal can produce opposite results in the beginning? Has anyone experienced something similar? Is she picking up on something subconscious? (PS, I have visualized her with libertine a few times)


Lotta variables here. It can be difficult to gauge interactions over the phone vs in-person. Could just be entirely coincidental.

However, what might be happening is that Seductress is already effecting changes within a couple of days. Are you running Q version?

Maybe your voice has gotten sexier (ex. you’ll find reports on this forum of men getting deeper voices on masculine subs like Khan, Primal, etc) and you’re exuding a brand new vibe, one that she’s not used to. Hence her asking if you’re uncomfortable, but really her projecting her own new feelings she’s getting from you. This may actually be a good sign. You’ll be able to gauge better in person for sure, hope y’all get to meet up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. I do wonder if this is a reconciliation symptom in any way


Reconciliation is typically subjective to you, from a first-person point of view, not in reactions from other people. But if an experience is nudging you towards stopping running the subliminal or switching subs, it might be subconscious reconciliation.

For me personally, reconciliation has manifested in feelings or anxiety, existential crisis, sadness, and on rare occasions, headaches.

Found a pretty good list in this thread: What are common reconciliation symptoms?


@athena - another way of looking at this is that not everyone will be attracted to us even if we are at our most attractive. There are too many variables in this and it’s a part of life. Even people changing their views about us is included in that. Just another point to consider.


There’s no point trying to figure out why she’s acting like that and why she said the things she said. You will drive yourself crazy doing so. That won’t help you get this girl. She has zero to low interest. Let her call you and see what happens. Maybe she still is interested but you called her at the wrong time. If not i would just charge it to the Game move on and pursue another women especially another women whose showing you indicators of interest. that’s her loss if she doesn’t want to get to know you :slightly_smiling_face:


I just read that part where you said there was mutual flirting at work. Sometimes women like to flirt at work because they love the attention other times they are flirting because they are interested. When women are interested in you you have to strike when the iron is hot and you have momentum. When you were working with her and she was flirting that was the time for you to shoot your shot but it’s good you didn’t because I don’t recommend jeopardizing your job


Not sure about low interest dude. She has voiced to me that she was insanely attracted to me in the past. And the body language and interest she showed , she didnt do to others around her, only to me. And last time we hung out, she still showed signs of interest. But I think her interest in me is more sexual, which is fine by me as I don’t want anything more.

Anyhow, i;m not really that hung up about it anymore. She’ll likely be back


Agreed. Just weird how I’m having all these changes and she changed her behavior literally right after I started the subs but I’m not that worried about it. Sometimes, women are in bad moods so I just gave her space. She texted me this morning anyway.


Does this lady not name normally go for other women? If not, she may have switched from just messing around to actually thinking of you that way. I can see where that could cause someone to have an odd reaction and be confused. This might be a good sign that your overall attractiveness is increasing.