Sigma Reborn ...back at it with DR


Hey all, so I’m back here after not having much results from my previous purchases (Ascension, Regen, PCC, LU) but like I said here and to myself I’m not giving up till I see results. I took break from subs for couple of months. Now, I have purchased Dragon Reborn to start my healing journey. This will be my make or break sub. Either I will get results become reborn and take on other goals with subs to achieve them or I will leave subs alone completely forever. Sigma Reborn needs to come alive and exist …


Let’s see how this works out. You didn’t want to wait for name-embedding?


If this won’t help …name embedding won’t either. I’m going to run DR till Sept of 2021 by itself.


go @Sigma11 !

It may help to write out how you’ll know when you’ve achieved what you want or seen results.
Or what if what ? happened you could say that worked …
cause some people don’t ‘feel’ it as much but then one day look up and notice everything is different, or at least a lot has changed or maybe even other people notice the difference but they don’t.

Good luck! Keep us updated.


Right on, man. Keep us posted, I’m very eager to read your findings.


@Sigma11 Any updates from you? Very interested to see your experience with DR as I think I am like you in the sense that I am not sensitive to a lot of things.


Hey King, DR has had in impact on me, thankfully. Just went through a massive headache on my rest day which didn’t go away for more than 24 hours. However, that means DR is clearing stuff out. I’m still on st1 and plan on continuing with it till end of Jan or by end of it incorporate st2 along with st1. Are you running it currently or busy getting results with another sub?


Ahah …I’m starting to pick and choose to what things I want to be sensitive about, thanks to SR I’m not as reactive and emotional like I was during my fappping days. Although I am bit aggressive now but that’s because I haven’t transmuted enough of my sexual energy.


I am running Dr ST1 alongside Mogul Q as I have some financial goals I need to meet urgently.

Would just say I need to run Mogul Q for a while longer.


What’s the difference between mogul and ascenden mogul? Does mogul have a faster impact? I’m in sales and want to increase my sales/income


Ascended Mogul is just a mixture of the two, with other things I assume. Mogul is lighter than the former however so it should help you achieve results quicker.


Mogul would probably manifest faster than ascended mogul but ascended mogul would possibly be better if you have any problems with confidence,standing up for yourself or productivity.A lot of people underestimate how important self confidence is.(^_^)Have a friend who tried mogul and didnt get much but he is doing well on ascended mogul so i guess he needed the ascension programming to get the full benefits of mogul.


It’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! :slight_smile:


I think I haven’t had my regular monthly headaches since I started running DR ST1.


Welcome to the Order of the Dragon.


I would have thought Khan is good for sales.


Khan is good but as of currently I don’t wanna be more sexual and Khan does exactly that to you plus pushes you to approach women and have sex with them. After my healing with DR I have a choice to make, either go with Khan stack it with S&S or go with Emperor and stack it with Primal. Or just run S&S and maybe ascenden mogul. But il worry about that come September at least.