Sidebar issue on main site


Hey Subclub team!

Just a heads up, the sidebar button does nothing for me on mobile browser. I’ve tested it with chrome and Firefox. When I tap it, nothing happens. This is true for both the home page AND in the shop (the only way for me to even get into the shop page is by clicking the green button on the home screen). Thought you might want to know. Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah, we’re aware, but thanks for pointing it out. Everything’s getting overhauled for the launch of the Q store. :wink:


Ooooou spine tingling! So long as you guys are aware! It made my navigating the site really difficult on my phone. Not sure how many people really access via mobile since I know I prefer to access my account, etc from desktop but surely it’s going to affect a few people. It almost stopped me from spending money! … Almost :wink:


I pretty much only use my phone for reading and posting on the forum, but I have purchased and downloaded from the store on both mobile and desktop.


On the forum yeah. I meant on the full site/store. Things like billing & checkout forms, reading product descriptions, navigating account sections (downloads, purchases, etc.) - these all make navigating the store site more frustrating on a mobile device (at least, for me it does)


I guess I’ve been able to use them, but, yeah, it has been a bit clunky on the phone.

The forum isn’t super user friendly on a phone either. Sometimes I will have dialogue boxes that reach outside of the frame of the screen of my phone, if that makes sense. Anyway, making everything more mobile friendly would be great.


Not saying it’s impossible, simply not ideal - at least not compared to the desktop version. That said, I’ve used my phone to access the store site COUNTLESS times so it’s more than doable, though undeniably less so without that sidebar :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never had the forum extend out of frame before. Once in awhile I’ll get a weird text box (similar to the “quote” box) which will contain an entire post on a single line with a left/right scroll bar (if THAT makes sense lol). What browser are you using to access from mobile??


I think the forum works fine on a mobile — the software we use is mobile optimized out of the box. The dialogue that extends off the screen is the result of one user (who does this often) somehow messing up the quote tags. I usually edit the post to fix it if I see it.

The site, however, is being overhauled as we speak.


You guys are literally always on top of shit. Obviously you run into problems like any normal business but you always fix what you have to, when you have to, how you have to. All while still delivering new quality content. Kudos


Well, I am not sure I have noticed that issue much lately and at one point I had trouble starting threads because of spacing on the screen with issues with the “create topic” button, and difficulty scrolling to it, but I am not sure I have noticed that recently either. Mostly it has been fine. I did not notice that same problem when I tested a second ago on my phone.


Yeah I noticed the sidebar issue too on the SubClub site. I just hit the cart button and after it loads that page, I hit the sidebar/hamburger button.


It’s being worked on, will hopefully be resolved soon.


Also - on the subiminal product pages the picture of the product is not shown. It’s shown in the shop (in preview), but once you open let’s say Emperor sales page, the big picture doesn’t show.

You are probably aware and it’s due to Q overhaul, but if not, it may help : )


We were not aware – it was showing up as fine on my computer, so thank you for pointing this out. It has been resolved. Unfortunately, it was our CDN software glitching, which sucks because it was causing us to get amazing scores in PageSpeed / GTMetrix. :frowning:


@Neurokinetic or anyone else – could someone please test sidebar on the homepage? We think we fixed the issue. It’s working fine on my iPhone, but I want to confirm.


Confirmed working


Seems to be working for me. Though I must ask, if Mogul is considered under Creativity, why not AM too?


Thanks much.

Good catch. It shouldn’t be there. Removed.